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Co-operative Education Department 414
Co-operative Education Department

Co-operative Education is an educational program that integrates classroom theory with practical experience in the workplace while earning two to four credits. Students will work at a location where they will gain hands-on experience tied to either one or two in-school courses they are currently taking or have taken previously. The program also prepares students for their school-to-work transition by increasing their understanding of workplace practices and skills, exploring occupational fields and industry sectors that are of interest to them, and by making informed educational career decisions. Students will have the opportunity to develop and enhance fundamental, personal, and teamwork skills.

This program assists students bound for university, college, apprenticeships, or the workplace. The program is unique in that it utilizes the resources in the community to enrich the educational experiences of the classroom setting. Please note that (2) co-op credits can be counted towards your compulsory credits.

Here​ is a highlight of one of our Co-op programs.

Requirements for Admission

By the beginning of the semester in which Co-op is to be taken, eligible students will:
  • ​Have a related subject course taken concurrently or prior to Co-op
  • Successfully completed a minimum of 16 credits in school
  • Be enrolled as full-time students and be a minimum of 16 years of age
  • Have the commitment and maturity to handle the curriculum as well as the experiential learning
  • Have completed a Co-op application package with two teacher references and permission of a ​parent/guardian                
  • Have a history of good attendance and work habits
  • Complete a successful interview with the Community Based Education teacher
How to Apply for Co-op (new process)

Please follow the link to complete the online Co-op application form
  • ​Identify the appropriate Co-op code from the course selection directory
  • Complete all the sections on the form, and print it out once you have submitted the form online
  • Print out the Teacher References as well and give them to the teachers you have selected 
  • Return your signed, printed application form to the Co-op Department, Room 104 or drop off your package to the upper file pocket located outside the Co-op office in the Guidance office
  • You will be interviewed once all forms are received
Co-operative Education courses are designed for students who wish to explore a career by means of on-the-job experience. Students who have the educational background, demonstrate responsibility, motivation, commitment, and the willingness to learn in an adult workplace environment will be considered for entry into the program. Work placements are dependent upon the skills, strength, academic backgrounds, attitudes, and work ethics of individual students.

Possibilities include, but are not limited to:
  • Business (Law, Accounting, Human Resources, Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Administration)
  • Communications Technology (Architect, Computer Graphics, Programming, Technician, Web Design)
  • Social Science (Teaching, Social Work, Recreational Services, Child/Youth Worker, Nutritionist)
  • Science (Medicine, Veterinarian, Pharmacy, Physiotherapy, Nursing, Dentistry)
  • Media Arts (Fashion Design, Journalism, Television/Radio Production, Photography)
Students may also choose to be registered as an Apprentice in certain trades through the Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program (OYAP) and start earning apprenticeship hours while still in high school earning credits.
Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program (OYAP)
The Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program is described in the York Region District School Board regional calendar. This program is designed for students who wish to pursue a skilled trade while meeting the academic requirements to graduate secondary school. Students may enroll in OYAP in Grade 11 and may continue with OYAP in Grade 12. Enrollment​ is limited by the availability of employers willing to take on apprenticeship trainees.
Accelerated OYAP/Dual Credit Program at Seneca, Humber, Centennial, and George Brown Colleges
This Co-op program is offered to students in their last year of secondary school who have acquired at least 26 of the 30 credits required to graduate high school. Students work in a skilled trade while working on or obtaining their Level One apprenticeship certification in the skilled trade at a designated college. Students who are highly focused and are able to complete the secondary school Co-op requirements in conjunction with the college requirements may benefit from these reach-ahead opportunities. Students must be in good academic standing and have excellent attendance and punctuality to be considered. Students earn both high school and college-level credits.
Summer School Co-op
This Co-op program is designed for students who are unable to fit the regular full-semester Co-op into their timetable or for students who require one last credit to graduate high school. Students work for 4 weeks over the summer to obtain valuable work experience while earning 1 high school credit.
Militia Co-op – See Co-op teacher for information on this 4-credit program.
After choosing a Co-op code on the course selection sheet, application packages and interview dates will be sent to the student through their period one teacher by the end of March. Interviews will commence in early April. For more information, go to the Co-op office which is located beside the Guidance Office.
Additional Information
In addition to choosing one of the course codes, you will be required to have the related, senior, in-school course as the appropriate linking subject for the desired placement. For example, Chemistry SCH3U would be required for a placement in a Pharmacy. Students taking Grade 11 Biology would be eligible to apply for a hospital placement or an animal hospital. These linking subjects will be discussed during the interview with your Co-op teacher.

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