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Bur Oak Graduation Awards 402
Bur Oak Graduation Awards
The Awards​                  *complete your Personal Profile here*​

K. Mereweather
of Excellence

       Graduating with an 80%+ average
       Attended BOSS for a minimum of 3 years
       Plans to pursue education in a post-secondary setting
       Is a self-directed, responsible, and lifelong learner who develops and demonstrates his or her potential

Bur Oak Community Involvement Award

       Graduating student who has completed more than 100 community involvement hours (can include activities not submitted for graduation requirements)
       Demonstrates extensive volunteering in the community and/or school
       Shows a deep commitment to a number of community organizations or extensive leadership in a specific organization
       Viewed as a role model who inspires others to be involved

Bur Oak

       Actions exhibit  “standing up for personal beliefs and values” for the well being of others
       Shows integrity in decision making
       Demonstrates the qualities of friendship and inclusiveness with all students in the school community (empathy)

Bur Oak
Staff Awards

       Perseverance--student who has shown continued determination to reach his/her personal goals for success while overcoming significant transitions, personal or family challenges
       Resiliency, courage and optimism
       Achieved acceptable grades in line with personal abilities
       Any destination after graduation

School Council Award
for Leadership

       Demonstrates leadership in planning events and/or awareness campaigns for Bur Oak student body (clubs, teams, councils) to effect change beyond the walls of our school
       Motivated and encouraged other students to be active and contributing members of the larger society

Aramark School
Spirit Award

       Demonstrates active involvement in sports teams, clubs or extracurriculars at Bur Oak
       Contributes to school spirit through mentoring, coaching, enabling and encouraging participation of students in school events
       Fosters a positive climate

Commencement Award

       Demonstrates strong and consistent learning skills
       Shows perseverance in school and/or life
       Possesses a desire to learn and to improve  
       Will be attending college, an apprenticeship program or entering the workplace
​​The Director’s Achievement Award ​​•       Significant accomplishments within the school community
       Has assisted in the planning and implementation of school events for the purpose of engaging student participation
       Contributions to the development and/or improvement of the quality of student experience at Bur Oak
       Has shown exceptional character and acts as a positive role model to others in the school and/or community​
Ontario Principals’ Council Award for Student Leadership ​•       Student who displays exemplary leadership and has made a specific and significant contribution to the school community

       Has been involved in a variety of activities in student life during his or her time at Bur Oak

       Has shown cooperation and respect for students, staff and members of the school community​
YRDSB Student Trustee Award for Character ​​•       One student in every high school who has exemplified a “number of  character values of York Region Board of Education”
       Role model to his or her peers (honesty and integrity--gold standard)
Lieutenant Governor’s Community
Volunteer Award 
​•       Graduating student who not only completed the required number of community hours to graduate, but goes above and beyond in the service to their community
Markham Unionville
Rotary Award
​•       Good academic standing

       Community service, with an emphasis on non-school related volunteering

       Leadership role in sports, clubs, church or community

       Continuing their post-secondary education
Tom Titel Award (NEW) ​•       Graduating student who is pursuing a post-secondary education in the social service area (child care, teacher, social worker etc)
       Demonstrates leadership in one or more community organizations
K. Mohammed Award (NEW) ​•       Graduating student of Caribbean descent and studying a Post-secondary program leading to a career in Public Service
       Demonstrates good character and a role model to peers
Nizam Anthony
Mohammed Award (NEW)
​•       Graduating student who is studying Electrical Engineering in Post-Secondary.

Maintains an academic average above 85%

       Demonstrates good character, perseverance and community service
BOSS Humanitarian Award ​•       Chosen by the graduating class

       Student who consistently shows respect and empathy for others, appreciates the cultural mosaic of the Bur Oak community and is viewed as a helpful and supportive peer.

       Separate application from other awards
The Bur Oak Scholarship/Awards committee reserves the right to consider course load in the determination of award winners.  Only day school courses (Bur Oak and e-learning) will be used in the calculation of academic based awards provided by Bur Oak S.S.

How to Apply

In order to be considered for a Graduation Award, potential graduates must:

a)  Complete ONE online Personal Profile.  Be prepared to provide email contact information for teacher or community references.
b)  As part of the profile, be prepared to answer the following questions in paragraph form as part of the process.

For Character Awards:
a) What are the character traits that you have been developing in your personal life and/or school?  MAXIMUM 200 Words.
b) For those applying for the K. Mereweather​ Award of Excellence, Bur Oak Staff Award, and/or OSSTF Commencement Award:      Describe, using specific examples, how you have embraced opportunities to build your character for personal accomplishments and/or academic achievement.  MAXIMUM 200 Words.  


For those applying for the Bur Oak Character Award and/or YRDSB Student Trustee Award for Character:  Describe using, specific examples, how you have embraced opportunities to show a commitment to others and to creating caring, inclusive and respectful environments.   MAXIMUM 200 Words.

For School Involvement Awards:

Personal Response:  Ensure that your response specifically addresses the criteria for the award.  Define leadership in your own words. Describe your significant accomplishment(s) at BOSS.    Reflect on the impact that your efforts have had upon school climate, student involvement, and/or quality of life for others. How has your experience or involvement helped to develop your idea of leadership or personal accomplishment? MAXIMUM 400 Words.

For Community Involvement Awards:

Personal Response:  What has been your rationale for participating in the organization(s) and their event(s) or activities? Reflect on the impact that your involvement has had on your own perspective, and on the perspective of others. Cite specific examples and outcomes where possible.  MAXIMUM 400 Words

Completed online Personal Profiles and Experience Profiles are due no later than the evening of Monday May 6, 2019 to the guidance department. Late forms will not be accepted.​​
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