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Life in Buttonville 421
Life in Buttonville
For over 150 years, the Buttonville community stayed very small and was made up of only a few families. Everybody knew everyone else and had been in the area for generations. So when you went to school, you couldn’t get away with anything!

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If you look at the genealogy chart, you'll see that four generations of Hoods attended and taught at Buttonville School across a 170 year span! Did your parents or grandparents attend the same school you do?
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Here are some of the materials the Hood's keep from their school days at Buttonville.
Hood Diary0062.jpg 
Hood Diary0072.jpg 

Hood Dorothy School Report014.jpgHood Dorothy School Report Back016.jpgHood Dorothy School Report Back017.jpg 


Les [Hood] was said to keep a canister of sugar under the counter during WWII. When visitors passed through from Toronto asking for sugar, Les would tell them that he had none but when a local came in asking after hard to find sugar, Les would pull some of the secret sugar out from beneath the counter. He also kept a large barrel of peanut butter in the store, which Isobel and Dorothy would eat teaspoons of with their cousin Margaret, when she was minding the store.




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