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Computer Usage 218
Computer Usage
Our Computer Usage Policy is designed to allow users to explore and utilize our school network and the Internet in respectful and responsible ways to support their learning and achievement.  More specifically:
1.     All rules and expectations in the school’s Code of Behaviour are considered to be in effect when using the Internet.
2.     All use of the Internet must be in support of research or consistent with the educational purposes of The Dr. G.W. Williams S.S.
3.     Use of the Internet for product advertisement, commercial or for-profit purposes is prohibited.
4.     Use of the Internet for personal and private business is prohibited.
5.     Users should not provide information of a personal nature to anyone on the Internet.
6.     Staff will provide students with Internet sites (Uniform Resource Locators) that allow them to search for information needed for specific projects and teach research methods for using the Internet.
7.     Users shall not intentionally seek information on, obtain copies of, or modify files, other data or passwords belonging to other users, or misrepresent other users on the network.
8.        No use of the Internet shall serve to disrupt the use of the Internet by others; hardware or software shall not be destroyed, modified, or abused in any way.
9.     Malicious use of the Internet to develop programs that harass other users or infiltrate a computer or computing system and/or damage the software components of computer or computing system is prohibited.
10.   The use of hate mail, harassment, discriminatory remarks and other anti-social behaviours are strictly prohibited.
11.   The illegal installation of copyright software for use on school  
         computers is prohibited.
12.   Use of the network to access or process pornographic material,
         inappropriate text files, or files dangerous to the integrity of the local
         area network is prohibited.
13.     It is the user’s responsibility to keep programs of a viral nature off any school computer.  The user will be held accountable for any deliberate attempts at knowingly installing and/or running a computer virus.
14.     No student is permitted to download any software programs without the expressed permission of the supervising teacher.
15.     All downloaded programs and files must be scanned for viruses before being run on any school computer.
16.     Any information which is obtained from the Internet and incorporated into a student’s assignment must be properly referenced and included in a bibliography. Plagiarism will not be tolerated.
Consequences, for violation of the policy may include the following:
·contact with parents (students under 18 years of age);
·withdrawal of computer privileges for specified time;
·withdrawal from course in its entirety;
·suspension from school;
·police involvement.
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