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Congratulations for taking Cooperative Education as part of your educational experience!

 K. H. S. Co-op Student Responsibilities and Expectations:

·         All Co-op students will be required to find a suitable Co-op placement using the “Seeking A

Co-op Placement” form and return it to the Co-op Staff

·         All students are responsible for transportation to and from their placement

·         All students must attend the pre-placement sessions held at the beginning of the semester

·         All students must complete a student folder and prepare a cover letter, resume and safety assignments prior to starting their Co-op work component

·         All students must attend the scheduled in-school reflective sessions throughout the semester

·         All students must complete daily/weekly log books indicating the hours they worked and have them signed by their work supervisor

·         In the world of work, clear consistent communication is required.  Our office is located in Pod 3 – room 1029, phone 905 -476-0933  (ext. 405)

·         Co-op courses will be timetabled based on availability – there is no guarantee which semester you will be scheduled

·         All K.H.S. Co-op students must follow the York Region District School Board’s Statement of Understanding Policy 


I understand that:

 *The work experience opportunity is an instructional strategy whereby I am required to meet specific course expectations and will be assessed and evaluated accordingly.

* the work experience opportunity requires me to spend considerable time in the community as a student, and as such, I will represent the school in a favourable manner.

* I must conform to all Policies and Procedures of the Cooperative Education Program with respect to the following:
* attend regularly and punctually both the in-school sessions and at the placement until the end of the scheduled period as defined by the Work Education Agreement

* report all absences promptly to supervisor and Co-op teacher at beginning of each work day and provide reason for the absence

* complete all required assignments

* abide by the Policies and Procedures of my placement

* maintain strict confidentiality regarding placement matters

* hours worked outside of the contracted time stated on the WEA must be submitted in advance to the teacher and employer

Ø  I should not expect to be paid for my work experience hours.

Ø  Any adjustment to my work experience to accommodate extra-curricular activities and part-time employment must be cooperatively arranged.

Ø  If my placement pays me a wage for the hours stated on my Work Education Agreement (WEA), or if I stay at my placement beyond the hours stated on my WEA and I am paid for those hours, Workplace Safety and Insurance Coverage must be provided by the employer.  It is my responsibility to ensure that this coverage is in place.

Ø  I am responsible for transportation to and from the placement.  It is the recommendation of the York Region District School Board that if necessary, I use public transportation and that if I choose to drive a vehicle to my placement, I must be covered by my own insurance.  Appropriate Board forms must be completed if driving or riding in a private vehicle.  (Forms NCR3, NP 679-01, NP 679—02)

Ø  I must declare to the Co-op teacher any medical condition that may affect my performance at the placement.

Ø  I may be required to have a medical examination and/or provide medical information to meet placement requirements.

Ø  Immunization is required for some placements and that I am responsible for this at my own expense.

Ø  Some placements require a security check, character check, credit check or other pre-placement screening and that I may be responsible for this at my own expense.

Ø  Certain placements may require additional specialized application forms and subsequent interviews prior to acceptance.

Ø  I may have to wear prescribed clothing for my placement (e.g. safety equipment, business attire, scrubs, lab coat).

Ø  I must have the Work Education Agreement (WEA – Workplace Safety and Insurance Board) form signed by myself and parent/guardian and submitted in my folder prior to starting at my workplace.  The Co-op teacher will sign off on the form after obtaining the workplace supervisor’s signature.

Ø  If any changes need to be made to the agreed upon hours on the WEA – the student must obtain approval and signatures of all parties.     

Ø  I must observe all health and safety regulations at the placement and contact the work experience supervisor and the Co-op teacher the same day in case of an accident, even if it does not require medical attention.

Ø  It is strongly recommended that I purchase Student Accident Insurance.

Ø  My teacher needs to provide relevant information about me to a prospective supervisor for placement purposes.  (IEP with approval)

Ø  Theft or vandalism is grounds for termination of my placement and/or removal from the work experience with possible loss of credit and possible further action under the law.

Ø  I must provide my teacher with updated information should there be any change in the data provided by me while I am participating in the work experience (e.g. change of address, phone, emergency contact information, medical information, mode of transportation.

Ø  I can be removed from the cooperative education program if I am unable to meet program requirements and course expectations.


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