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Constitution 311
Article 1:
The name of this organization shall be the “Langstaff Secondary School Student Association”, hereinafter to be called the Student Association.
Article 2:
The purpose of this organization is as follows:
1      To promote a healthy school spirit, reflecting an enthusiastic interest in all school activities.
2      To represent and voice student opinion so as to involve the students in affairs of the school.
Article 3:
Any registered student of Langstaff Secondary School owning a current Student Activity Card is a member of the Student Association.
Article 4: Student Council
Clause 1:
The Council of the Student Association Council shall hereinafter be called the Student Council.
Clause 2:
The Executive of the Student Council shall consist of the following officers:
     Presidents (2)
     Peer Mentor Leads (2)
The Elected Members of the Student Council shall consist of the following officers:
     Social & Spirit Directors (2)
     Langstaff Athletic Council President
     Langstaff Athletic Council Vice President
     Communications Directors (1)
     Grade Representatives (8, 2 from each grade)
     Tech Representative (1 or 2)
Clause 3: Duties of the Officers
     To call and to preside over all meetings at the Council.
     To inform members of the Council of the time and place of all meetings.
     To draft an agenda for all Council and Executive meetings.
     To hold a tie-breaking vote at all Council meetings.
     To be responsible for running Registration Day.
     To model Langstaff rules and demonstrate leadership.
     To assume the position of any Council member if that member of the Council should be absent for a length of time, therefore it is necessary that the Presidents be acquainted with the duties of all the Council members.
     To act as an authority of all constitutional matters.
     To organize date, time, and venue of at least one Student Council social every other month.
     To keep a file of all correspondences involving the Student Association.
     To keep a record of the attendance of each Council.
     To record the minutes of each meeting of the Council.
     To publicize the minutes at each meeting.
     To publicize the minutes via email no later than three days following the meeting.
     To prepare and submit to the succeeding Executive a report of the Council’s activities for the concluding school year.
     To keep a copy of the Constitution at all meetings of the Council.
     To organize any clothing/memorable sales for Council.
     To check the Student Council mailbox in the main office and to distribute said mail accordingly.
     To check the Student Council voicemail box and to relay messages to appropriate Council members.
     To prepare the fiscal budget of the Student Association.
     To keep an accurate and updated account of the financial matters of the Student Association.
     To keep the Council accurately informed as to the financial standing by a report at each meeting, as well as an annual report.
     To co-sign all cheques with the Principal or Vice-Principal.
Langstaff Athletic Council President and Vice President
     To represent on the Council the athletic interests of the school.
     To present a budget for approval of the Council during the first month of the school year and to be thoroughly conversant with matters pertaining to athletic expenditures.
     To publicize all important athletic events and results of these events.
     To organize teams and intramurals within the school.
     Act as a liaison between fitness organizations in the school and the Council.
     To act as a liaison with the Staff Advisor to the Athletic Council
Social & Spirit Director:
     To make arrangements for, and direct, all school social functions such as dances and formals.
     To organize activities in the Langstaff environment promoting spirit
     To organize specifically cafeteria games, assemblies, and spirit days.
Communications Directors:
     To disseminate information to the larger Langstaff community to promote the activities of Council.
     To create and maintain an updated website or page on a social networking site.
     To manage the Student Council mailing list.
     To prepare an article for submission in the Langstaff Newsletters, documenting council activities.
     To oversee all cork space around the school and to take down expired advertisements.
Peer Mentor Leads:
     To act as the Langstaff representative to other outside organizations, such as YRPC.
     To organize monthly meetings and events for Global Bears and newcomers.
Grade 9 Representatives:
     To represent on the Council the concerns of the Grade 9 students.
     To run the Super Fine Nine Club for Grade 9’s
Grade 10 Representatives:
     To represent on the Council the concerns of the Grade 10 students.
     To organize and run homeroom competitions (trivia, door decoration, etc.)
Grade 11 Representatives:
     To represent on the Council the concerns of the Grade 11 students.
     To organize all Student Council fundraising and sit on the fundraising committee meeting in September.
     To organize Battle of the Bands.
Grade 12 Representatives:
     To represent on the Council the concerns of the Grade 12 students.
     Organize and run Semi-Formal
     Organize and run end of year graduation event
     Organize Grad spiritwea
Tech Representative(s):
     To manage the technological requirements in the school.
     To serve as an advisor(s) on all Council activities.
     Plan the Haunted House
     To educate the Langstaff Tech Crew on all technological aspects of the school’s equipment
     To liase with the Tech Crew staff advisor.
Clause 4: Eligibility of the Officers
All elected members of the Executive must be members of the Student Association and must hold valid Student Activity Cards. Any member of the student body having been suspended for reasons outlined in the York Region Board of Education Code of Conduct found in the student agenda, within the school year prior to the beginning of the election campaign is not eligible to run for a position on Council.
     Must be in Grade 11 or 12 during their in office and must be taking a full program in that grade. 
     Must be performing academically.
     Attend school council meetings as needed.
     Both must have demonstrated leadership within the school community as decided by the Staff Advisor and Admin Advisor.
     At least one of the Presidents must have one year’s experience on Student Council at Langstaff.
     Will run together as Co-Presidents.
     Must be in Grade 11 or 12 in the term of his or her office and must be taking a full program in that grade.
     Must be performing academically.
     Must be in Grade 11 or 12 in the term of his or her office and must be taking a full program in that grade.
     Must have knowledge of bookkeeping or accounting.
     Must be performing academically.
Social & Spirit Director:
     Must be in Grade 11 or 12; however one may be in Grade 10 in the term of his or her office and must be taking a full program in that grade.
     Must be performing academically.
     Must have demonstrated leadership in the school community (i.e. previous Student Council experience, Prefects, LSAC. etc.)
Langstaff Student Athletics President and Vice President:
     Must be in Grade 11 or 12; however one may be in Grade 10 in the term of his or her office and must be taking a full program in that grade.
     Must have shown enthusiastic interest in the athletic activities of the school.
     Must be performing academically.
     Must be approved by a member of the Physical Education Department.
Communication Director:
     Must be in either Grade 10, 11, or 12 and must be taking a full program in that grade.
     Must be proficient in word processing tools.
     Must be performing academically.
Peer Mentor Leads:
     Must be in either Grade 11 or 12 and must be taking a full program in that grade.
     Must have excellent communication skills.
     Must be performing academically.
Grade Representatives:
     Must be in the grade that they are representing in their term of office and must be taking a full program in that grade.
     Must be performing academically.
Tech Representative(s):
     Must be in either Grade 10, 11, or 12 and must be taking a full program in that grade.
     Must be recommended to the position by the Staff Advisor to Tech Crew.
     Must be proficient in using the Langstaff theatre equipment (i.e. sound and lights).
     Must have at least one year’s experience on the tech crew.
     Note: Council will consist of either 2 Tech Reps or one Tech Rep and one other member of Student Council capable of using all tech equipment when necessary.
Clause 5: Additional Officers
In addition to the executive officers outlined above, the Presidents, at their discretion, and in agreement with the staff advisor(s), can create additional executive positions for their term in office.
When a new position is created, the following steps must be followed:
     The suggestion of a new position must be presented to Council, along with a rationale for the need of the new position. A clear set of expectations for the new position (including responsibilities) must be made available to all Council members.
     The new position must deal with responsibilities that are not covered by any other of the above positions.
     Council will vote on whether or not to create the new position.
     All specially created positions will have a term of one year, and will not be elected during the general elections.
     If a position is voted by Council to be created, Council members will be invited to solicit nominees for this position.
     In the event of more than one nominee, Council shall vote by secret ballot to decide who will fill the position.
     In the event of a single nominee, the person shall be acclaimed.
Clause 6: Council Business
Subsection 1: Attendance
     It is expected that all Council members (as specified above) be present at every weekly meeting, in addition to any other meeting called by the Presidents or Staff Advisors.
     Further, it is expected that all members of the Council will be present at the following events: Semi Formal, Cafeteria games (at least once a month), dances, buy-ins, Registration, assemblies, Earth Fest, Elections, Student Council Leadership Night, dress up for Spirit Days, any other event deemed necessary by the Presidents, Staff Advisors, or school administration (with appropriate prior knowledge).
     Meetings will be called to order at a specific time, which will be distributed on the agenda, at least two days prior to the meeting.
     Every member of Student Council is expected to be present at meetings until 4:00 p.m., unless the Presidents adjourn the meeting earlier.
     Once a meeting is called to order, attendance will be taken by the Secretary, and any Council member not in attendance will be marked absent. Should a Council member arrive late, the absent will be modified to reflect the late (up until the first ten minutes of the meeting have passed).
     A member who arrives to Council meetings more than ten minutes after the roll call will be considered absent.
     A member who leaves the Council meeting early will be considered absent.
     If a member leaves the Council meeting within ten minutes of 4:00 p.m., the absence will be modified to a late.
     Each Council member, during their term of office, may miss three council meetings/functions.
     A subsequent fourth absence will result in a Student Council Members removal from their position, as outlined below.
     Every third late will count as an absence.
     Should a Council member miss a meeting/event due to medical purposes or bereavement, they will not be considered absent, providing they present documentation upon their return.
     Once a member of the Council is absent, the following will occur:
     After the third absence, the Council member will receive a written warning from a member of the Vice Principal/Principal team or Staff Advisors.
     After the fourth absence, the Council member will be relieved of their duties as outlined above.
     A record of attendance will be kept in the Council office.
     In order for a Council meeting to be legitimate, 15 members of the Council must be present at the roll call for quorum. If less than 15 members are present, no formal meeting will be held.
     Should a Council member have perfect attendance, they may apply for funding for a school-related conference (full or partial, to be determined by Staff Advisors and Presidents). The application depends very much on the financial situation of the Council at the time of the application.
     All Student Council members are encouraged to attend other functions within the school, so long as they do not interrupt their participation in their council activities/responsibilities.
Subsection 2: Use of the Council Office
Realizing that the Student Council Office must be kept clean and available for Council business, the following rules shall apply to its management.
     Only members of the Council, the Staff Advisors, or the Principal/Vice Principal may be in the office at any time.
     Further, only Council members primarily on official Council business may be in the office.
     The code to the Student Council office will be given out to all Council members at the beginning of the term by Staff Advisors and will be changed every semester.
     Only the Presidents will have a key to open the Student Council office.
Subsection 3: Dates of Council Meetings
     The Langstaff Student Council will meet once a week at an appointed time to be determined by Council.
     The current year’s Council will set the meeting time for the following year, prior to the election period.
     All nominees will be made aware of the Council dates and times, and understand the Council’s policies about attendance and lates.
     The Presidents can call additional meetings with at least three days notice to each of the Council members. In the event that there is a discrepancy regarding the time and date of notification, the email will be verified by the Staff Advisors.
Subsection 4: Duties
     Each Council member must fulfill their duties to the best of their ability.
     Each Council member should be prepared to report on his or her activities since the last meeting at every meeting.
     Should a Council member not fulfill their obligations, the following will occur:
     After the first incident, the Council member will receive a verbal warning and assistance in correcting the problem.
     After the second incident, the Council member will receive a written warning, with a specific deadline (or series of deadlines) for corrections.
     Should the deadline be missed, the Council will meet to decide on the consequences of the member’s actions. Such consequences may include: a limiting of their responsibilities, removal from Council, etc.
Subsection 5: Income and Money Issues
     Student Council will collect Student Activity Fees at the beginning of the school year during Registration.
     Payment of Student Fees is necessary for membership in the Langstaff Secondary School Student Association.
     Membership in the Langstaff Secondary School Student Association includes a copy of the school agenda as well as a Langstaff Secondary School Student Card (which is required for borrowing textbooks).
     The fee shall be decided by the new Council in June every year and be approved by both the Staff Advisors and the Administration.
     Other income at Student Council’s discretion will come from any or all of the following sources: dances, Prom, fundraising, and buy-ins.
Subsection 6: Expenditures
     Any group or club at Langstaff must submit a written proposal to Council, providing a specific rationale for their request, an accounting of how funds will be used, as well as a proposed timeline.
     All student groups should refer to the Fundraising Rubric (see Appendix 1) before submitting their proposal, as Council will not review any application that has already been submitted, in light of new information.
     The Langstaff Student Council will also support Langstaff students who represent the school at outside functions. Specifically, any Langstaff student who is selected to participate in the Forum for Young Canadians can receive a bursary of $125.00 (to a maximum of $250.00 per school year).
     Any other student who wishes Council support may apply in writing at least one month in advance, providing rationale as to their expenses, and providing a budget as to where the funds will go. Council will vote on any requests for sponsorship.
     The council also appreciates that our school is enriched by a strong athletic program. In light of this commitment, Council is prepared to pay 50% of the banquet fees for any Langstaff team that makes it to OFSSA (or higher), as long as the Student Athletic Association pays the other 50%.
     In exchange for said sponsorship, members of the Langstaff community who receive funding will promote Langstaff Student Council at their event and report back to Council after their event to prove this promotion.
Subsection 7: Elections
     An election will be held for Council positions every May.
     Prospective students will be required to submit a nomination form, including references from at least two teachers.
     Secretary, Treasurer and Ambassador will apply for their positions and will be chosen by Administration, in consultation with the Staff Advisors.
     Upon successful submission of the nomination forms, students may begin to campaign.
     The campaign will run for a period not longer than one week,   prior to the election.
     Students will also be encouraged to make campaign posters. However, all posters must be submitted to the office for approval. Any posters submitted that are not approved will be removed by caretaking staff.
     It is the responsibility of all candidates to ensure that all forms of election advertising are removed the night prior to the election. Students failing to remove said advertising will be ruled in violation of the election rules, and will be removed from the ballot.
     The election will be run during second period for all students. Any member of the Langstaff Secondary School Student Association who is not graduating, has the right to vote for the Council Executive, as well as for their grade rep.
     Any current member of the Langstaff Secondary School Student Association who is graduating, is only allowed to vote for the incoming Executive positions
     At the conclusion of the election, ballots will be counted by the Staff Advisors, with support from the outgoing Student Council Presidents.(as long as they are not running again). In the event that the Presidents are seeking re-election, two other Council Executive members will be appointed by the Staff Advisors to act as scrutineers.
     The result of the election will be forwarded to the school administration for announcement to the school community.
Clause 7: Constitutional Amendments
     The constitution may be opened for amendment once per school year and exclusively during the second semester.
     Once the constitutional amendment is put to vote, it cannot be amended or opened therefore at any time in that school year.
     In the event that an amendment is needed, the Presidents should draft a resolution and present it at a Council meeting, taking a free vote.
     A constitutional amendment should be considered passed if it achieves a two-thirds majority vote at the Council meeting.
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