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Netiquette 112

Netiquette, or Internet etiquette, is the online version of table manners. It helps make the Internet a safe and friendly place for everyone.

1. Online Versus Offline: Always demonstrate consistent offline and online courtesy. Never use abusive or slanderous language. Remember to do unto others as you'd have others do unto you. Adhere to the same standards you do offline as online

2. Privacy: Keep your personal information to yourself, like your full name, SIN number and address. Never give anyone access to your accounts or access anyone else’s, even if they forgot to log out. Protect your identity online from strangers, predators and scammers.

3. Plagiarism is illegal: Never use the words or text of others without proper acknowledgement of the source. See the school plagiarism policy for more information.

4. Symbols & Humour: Avoid using symbols like emoticons in communications. Example: ;) and :S. It is for informal, personal communications only. Also, watch how you use humour in your emails and chats. It can sometimes come across sarcastic rather than funny.

5. Respect Others Time: Save the school’s bandwidth by only surfing and downloading if you need to for research and homework purposes. You could be costing someone time on their project if they need the computer and you’re using it for fun.

6. Don't Abuse the Privilege: The school Internet is a privilege and should be treated that way. Play by the rules or it can be taken away.

7. Share the Wealth: If you find a resource that you think should be shared, share it! If someone around your computer is struggling online, help them out!

8. Neat & Tidy: Keep the computer you use and the area around it in perfect, clean condition as if it were your own. A clean space is a functional work space.

9. Flaming: Your opinion matters, but not at the cost of everyone else. Repeatedly posting out of anger or spite in any online group discussion is not tolerated.

10. Reporting: Tell a teacher or trusted adult if you come across something online that makes you uncomfortable, like pornography and messages from strangers and bullies.

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