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School Improvement Plan 262
School Improvement Plan
Nobleton P.S. is committed to supporting the Board's literacy focus under the three Board focus areas of Quality Schools, Building Family and Community Capacity and Quality Workplaces. Planning for school and student improvement continues to be a key  part of each school’s responsibilities. School planning teams engage the school community in discussing and supporting school and student improvement
The following is an outline of our School Plan for Improvement including highlights of some of the strategies to support student achievement.
Curriculum Implementation
Our school focus for curriculum implementation and student learning is math with specific emphasis on students applying their understanding of math concepts and demonstrating procedural fluency and accuracy when solving math problems. Students will participate actively with other students and the teacher as they persevere to solve mathematical problems and demonstrate mathematical thinking in different ways. We are committed to providing students with a comprehensive math program, incorporating inquiry-based and 3-part problem-solving lessons and determining student achievement through the use of valid assessment and evaluation practices. Through ongoing professional development and participation in the Area Network, our staff is committed to achieving the highest level of instruction for our students.
Parental and Community Involvement
Our school focus for parental and community involvement is all members of the school community promoting and sustaining student well-being and positive student behaviour in a safe and healthy learning environment. We are also striving to enable students to demonstrate strong citizenship skills such as leadership, teamwork and advocacy. We have a variety of programs in place to support this focus including our Healthy Schools team, Eco-Club (promoting eco-friendly initiatives), student council, tech team, "Nobleton Works", creating a school "touchstone", learning/reading buddies, and Celebration Assemblies, where we celebrate successes through Hawk Awards and honour roll. We are focused on building equity and inclusionary practices in our school and creating a welcoming school environment for our staff, students, and families. We are creating a school-wide touchstone and enhancing the physical environment with murals and a beautiful front garden, which involve students, staff and parents.
Effective Schools
Our school focus for effective schools is to provide an environment where students will demonstrate responsibility by showing good manners and treating others with respect and kindness at all times. We have set common routines and high expectations for student learning and behaviour. Daily morning announcements reinforce our expectations and positive character attributes. We intervene and follow-through with learning and behavioural concerns (restorative approaches, progressive discipline and communication with parents). Our Nobleton 4-square reflection sheets promote restorative approaches to conflict resolution and taking responsibility for one's actions and words. Our teachers incorporate the "Tribes" agreements and strategies. Older students are involved with peer mediation. An additional focus is having students engaged in their learning, increasing student time on task through a variety of instructional strategies and recognition of different learning styles and needs. We are monitoring student attendance and arrival on time, supporting and intervening when necessary.  
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