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As with each school in the York Region District School Board, Ross Doan P.S. supports student learning through the curriculum standards set out by the Ontario Ministry of Education and many other co-curricular activities. 
The school curriculum is enhanced by a "Partners in Action" approach to learning, which integrates information processing skills into classroom programmes, and uses a wide variety of print, non-print, and technological resources from the school's Library Resource Centre. Computers are used by students to access, organize, and present information in both the resource centre and classrooms. Curriculum-related field trips and in-school guest presentations add an important dimension to the programs. Music and drama are a part of the regular program at all the grade levels in accordance with Ministry of Education curriculum expectations.  Cultural experiences include music and drama performances at the school. Fitness is enhanced by winter programs which includes skating at a local arena.
Our school
  • promotes a safe and supportive learning environment.  This is done through the Board's Safe Schools Policy and Procedures and Character Education Initiatives.  Daily announcements include reading of the school's Bully Prevention Pledge
  • Is a member of the Board's Literacy Collaborative Project
  • provides English as a Second Language Programs
  • provides Reading Recovery programming
  • program is enhanced by a "Partners in Action" approach to learning, integrating information skills into classroom programs, using a wide variety of print, non-print and technological resources from the school's Library/Learning Resource Centre 
  • provides Special Education Programs 
Students with identified exceptional needs are supported by the special education resource teachers (SERTs) who provide in-class and withdrawal support, as well as, academic assessments as needed.  A Student Support Centre gives opportunity for small group instruction for identified students.  The school houses a Richmond Hill area community class for primary/junior students who are developmentally delayed.  
The school is wheelchair accessible from entrances, with a wheelchair accessible washroom, and a lift for access to the gymnasium stage. Disabled and special needs students are integrated into regular classroom activities to the fullest extent possible. 
We are also very proud to offer the following programs to our students:
  • Ongoing and informal social skills counseling
  • Progressive Discipline Model through our annually revised Behaviour Code.
  • Participation in Junior House League and Area sports activities for grade 4 students such as cross country running, track and field, and volleyball.
  • Indoor sports leagues for students in grade 1 to 3 during the winter months.
Safe and Supportive Schools/Character Education/Equity Education
Every student has the right to learn in a safe and supportive environment. The York Region District School Board has a Safe Schools Policy and a defined procedure to implement the policy. Both the policy and procedure support the view that student discipline involves a continuum of support including prevention, intervention and appropriate consequences included in the school's Code of Behaviour. 
Staff carries 2-way walkie-talkies and wears fluorescent vests on outdoor supervision duty in order to provide an added measure of security for students at recess times, as well as before and after school.  
In addition, Ross Doan P.S. supports the development of character education in the York Region District School Board.  Character Matters principles and attributes are visibly presented through posters, daily quotations and the use of agenda books in grades 2 through 4.  These principles are infused in school culture through policy and procedures reflect through the Behaviour Code, the Discipline policy, classroom management and expectations regarding appropriate dress at school.   The school structure allows for character education through the administration, the students, the staff, and community both formally and informally.  Students receive recognition and behaviours are reinforced.  All co-curricular activities both implicitly and explicitly promote character development.  There are growth opportunities for students through leadership roles such as Hall Monitors, Bus Buddies, and the classroom Reading Buddy activities.  There is also explicit recognition through special presentations selected too reflect these principles and attributes.
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