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Our Staff

Our staff members at Thornhill are dedicated to ensuring that our students receive the best education possible. If you have concerns or need to connect with one of us, then please email us.  Find the email address for the staff member you are looking below:


​​2023-24 Thornhill SS Staff List
Administration E-mail Position/Department
Gillis, Dan Principal
Mastrofrancesco, Rosey Vice-Principal (A-K)
Gonzalez, Anajulia Vice-Principal (L-Z)

Teachers​ E-mail Voice Mail Position/Department
​Alexander, Jennifer ​ ​661 ALT. ED. (H)
Alli-Shaw, Farah ​ ​657  MODERNS (H)
​Barghi, Akram 607 AUTISM

​Bazos, Martha 627 ESL (H)
Benum, Peter 697 COMP. ST/TECH (H)
Beswick, Ian 614 BUSINESS
Body, Chris 672 SCIENCE (H)
Brown, Kirk 701 AUTISM
Brown, Tiffany 664 AUTISM
​Buskin, Leonora ​ ​601 ​ART
Cassata, Cristina 621 MODERNS
Chang, Ling 726 MATH
Chaudhary, Ritika 635 MATH
Clarke, David 651 SPED/Student Success
Cohen, Karen 616 FAMILY ST. (H)
Cole, Matthew 663 AUTISM
​Corcia, Simon ​ ​HISTORY
​De Veyra, Theodore ​ ​643 ​GEO/GYM/BUSINESS
DeBora, Tijana tijana, 655 SPED/FAMILY ST.
Derlick, Rochelle 657 AUTISM
Dimitroulakos, Pauline 638 ENGLISH
Doukas, George​ 698 BUSINESS/GEOGRAPHY
​Drabkin, Raquel ​ ​653 ​HISTORY
​Edokwe, Felicia ​ ​635 ​HISTORY/ELL
England, Kathleen 702 ART (H)/Alt.ED
Fanous, Kirulus 638 ENGLISH
Ferguson, Alexandra ​630 ​SCIENCE
Fraschetti, David 636 MATH
Fremont, Michelle 310 GUIDANCE
Gatti, Mark 704 MATH (H)
Gryaznova, Julia 624 FRENCH
​Gudkova, Inna 675 ​AUTISM
Guest, James 629 GEOGRAPHY
Hallis, Heather 686 ENGLISH/ART
Hamid, Hassan 693 LIBRARY (H)
Ibragimova, Jane 626 SCIENCE
Isenberg, Michael 658 AUTISM
​Jain, Praskovia ​​ ​631 ​ENGLISH
​Jones, Jeffrey ​ ​613 ​ENGLISH
Kardgar, Nanehjan 668 ATUSIM
Karounos, Marisa 677 AUTISM
​Kohras, Michael​ ​608 ​TECH
​​Lay, Jason ​​ ​690 BUSINESS (H)
Lee-Moore, Hera​ 313 ​GUIDANCE
MacLean, Mathew 642 INTENSIVE 
MacNeil, Bill 685 PHYS. ED.
Marzouk, Jehanne 625 SP.ED./ENGLISH
McDonald, April 641 SCIENCE
Mobedi, Behrad 750 SP.ED./HISTORY
Moore, Darren 667 MUSIC (H)
Morgan, Michael 610 AUTISM/SPED
Moynagh, Heather 648 ENGLISH​
Natale, David 794 TECH
Newbury, Darryl 609 HISTORY
Niss, Chanan​ 624 INTENSIVE
​Nolis, Stephany ​679 ​MATH
Patak, Sherri 645 BUSINESS
Patterson, Heather 316 CO-OP (H)
RaoudaBalah, Dida 630 INTENSIVE
Retsos, Marina​ 656 HISTORY (H)
RodriguesGadelha,Maria 795 AUTISM
Schuur, Karen 312 GUIDANCE (H)
Shewchuk, Chris 623 SCIENCE
Stamoulis, Shantelle 675 TECH
Swan, Christine 617 DRAMA
Taylor, Erica 619 SCIENCE
Therrien, Cynthia 603 PHYS ED (H)
Till, Michael 662 ENGLISH (H)
Timsit, Rachelle 680 MATH
Weinberg, Robyn 652 SP ED (H)
Yasmin, Farah 620 MATH
Zigelman, Ilana ​ ​637 PEAK
​Zinman, Jonathan 637 ​HISTORY/ALT ED​










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