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Special Program Opportunities 412
Special Program Opportunities

Thornlea Thunder Network (TTN): ​Be a part of a new and exciting club creating live production streaming of Thornlea's sporting and other events to YouTube.

Thornlea Computer Club (PCMR Club): ​Take part in cutting-edge technology related to gaming; learn how to overclock your GPU, CPU, and RAM; review new computer technology and build computers.  In addition, contribute to "Thornlea Tech Tips" on YouTube.

Robotics Club: If you're interested in writing code and participating in the Skills Canada Robotics Competition, this opportunity is for you!

Academy of Creativity and Multimedia (ACAM): ​ACAM is a unique program that blends Technology and Media with Arts and Drama.  Information available on website​.

Manufacturing Club: Redesign cars, exploring and creating new functionality and design ideas through automotive mechanics and metalworking.

Fashion Council: Do you enjoy fashion design, modeling and/or leadership opportunities? This group promotes fashion and produces Thornlea's annual fashion show! An excellent leadership opportunity!

Special High Skills Major Program (SHSM): 

Design and Development Portfolio Opportunities: ​

  • Technological Design: CNC Router Design; 3D Design & Printing; Architectural Design; Electrical and Structural Engineering
  • Communication Tecnology: Film, Television, and Radio; Graphics, Logo, and Print Making
  • Hairstyling and Aesthetics: Makeup; Hairstyling; Apprenticeships
  • Transportation and Technology: Automotive Design; Electrical Design; Apprenticeships

Exploring Opportunities Program (EOP): "Building Equitable Access to Apprenticeship"


The Exploring Opportunities Program (EOP) is specialized programming for students with an interest and aptitude in the field of transportation. EOP helps to develop students' essential skills and work habits while they accumulate credits, engage in authentic learning opportunities and gain work experience in a particular area of interest. This program benefits students interested in participating in an Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program (OYAP) in future years and provides them with the option for level-one technician training. In addition, the in-school courses, industry certifications, "reach ahead" opportunities and the co-op experiences, provide students with a solid foundation for a Specialist High Skills Major. This program is designed to be highly flexible to accommodate individual students’ academic needs and can be taken multiple times.


Program Course Credit Breakdown


In the afternoon students will take a transportation course for the first half of the semester and a co-op placement for the second half. This will equal 2 credits total for the semester.


In the morning the students will be able to complete any required courses that they need to graduate with their O.S.S.D.  This will equal another 2 credits total for the semester.


This program can be 2 to 4 credits each semester depending upon the students needs.


Steps to be taken after you select this course package.

  1. Make appointment with guidance for credit counselling and eligibility.
  2. Talk with Mr. Giorgio in the Technology Department (room 305) for the program application and further instruction.
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