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Please note:  Not all Business Studies Courses may be offered at Tommy Douglas. It may vary based on student interest, staffing and funding.  You can find a Business Studies promotional brochure at the bottom of this page that outlines all courses and clubs offered.

Business Studies Courses

Grade 9: Information & Communication Technology in Business (BTT1O)

Wa​nt to stand apart from your competitors?  Want to hand in reports that are both jazzy and​ professional? Want to overcome your fears of public speaking and present with style? Then this course is for you! BTT1O  introduces you to information and communication technology in a business environment. Develop top-notch skills using various software programs such as Word, PowerPoint and Excel. You will also explore possible future occupations in Information Technology. This course will prepare you for a world of business and communication that relies increasingly on electronic technology, an area also undergoing continuous change. You will be able to transfer the skills and understanding acquired in this course to activities in other courses and outside of the classroom.

NOTE: There is no exam for this course. 

Field Trip: Famous Players Movie Theatre, Google

Gr​ade 10: Introduction to Business (BBI2O)

Study and investigate the success and failures of various well known brands such Coca-Cola, Google, H&M. Develop an understanding of the functions of business including marketing, accounting, human resources, information and communication technology, and of the importance of ethics and social responsibility.  This course builds a foundation for further studies in business and helps you develop the business knowledge and skills you will need in everyday life.

Field Trip: Hersey’s Chocolate Factory, Vaughan Mills Shopping Centre

Grade 11:  Accounting Essentials (BAI3E1)                                             

This course introduces students to the accounting cycle of a service business. Students will use computer applications software to record business transactions and to prepare financial statements. Students will also investigate banking and cash management, decision making, ethical behaviour, and career opportunities in the field of accounting.

CREDIT: 1                       TYPE: Workplace Preparation   


Gr​ade 11: Entrepreneurship ~ The Venture (BDI3C)

Get a chance of running the school store at Tommy Douglas! Be an entrepreneur! Learn how entrepreneurs recognize opportunities, generate ideas, and organize resources to plan successful ventures that enable them to achieve their goals. Through hands-on experience of running and operating a student-run school store, you will have opportunities to develop the values, traits, and skills most associated with successful entrepreneurs; skills that will benefit you in all areas of your life! 

NOTE: There is no exam for this course 

Field Trip: Cora's, The Franchise Show

Gr​ade 11: Financial Accounting Fundamentals (BAF3M)

Don't cook the books like Enron and WorldCom! Accountants record, classify, summarize, interpret and communicate the financial​ information about a business.  This course introduces you to the fundamental principles, concepts, and applications of financial accounting. You are exposed to the process by which financial transactions and events are recorded, and will learn how to compile and interpret basic financial statements. 

Field Trip: Toronto Stock Exchange

Gr​ade 11: The Invidiual and the Economy (CIE3M)

Economics is essential to understanding the world in which you live and work. What determines the prices of the goods and services on which you spend your income, and the prices of the stocks and bonds in which you invest your savings? How does education affect the lifetime earnings of people? Why do some jobs pay high wages while other jobs pay low wages? This course explores challenges facing the Canadian economy as well as the implications of various responses to these challenges. You will explore the economic role of business, labour, and government, as well as your own role as individual consumers and contributors, and how all of these influence stability and variability in the Canadian economy. 

Field Trip: A Day on Bay sponsored by the Economic Club of Canada

Grade 12: Analysing Current Economic Issues  (CIA4U1)

This course examines current Canadian and international economic issues, developments, policies, and practices from diverse perspectives. Students will explore the decisions that individuals and institutions, including governments, make in response to economic issues such as globalization, trade agreements, economic inequalities, regulation, and public spending. Students will apply the concepts of economic thinking and the economic inquiry process, as well as economic models and theories, to investigate, and develop informed opinions about, economic trade-offs, growth, and sustainability and related economic issues.

CREDIT: 1                             TYPE: University                              

PREREQUISITE:              Any university or university/college preparation course in Canadian and world studies, English, or social sciences and humanities


Grade 12 Business Leadership: Management Fundamentals  (BOH4M1)

This course focuses on the development of leadership skills used in managing a successful business. Students will analyse the role of a leader in business, with a focus on decision making, management of group dynamics, workplace stress and conflict, motivation of employees, and planning. Effective business communication skills, ethics, and social responsibility are also emphasized.

CREDIT: 1                             TYPE: University/College                 

Grade 12: Entrepreneurship: Venture Planning in an Electronic Age  (BDV4C1)

This course provides students with the opportunity to develop and apply entrepreneurial skills through the creation of a venture plan that capitalizes on the potential of e-commerce. Students will research and identify an opportunity for a venture. They will then complete the components of a venture plan that includes a website.

COURSE NOTES:             Course introduces students to the business side of Social Media-Digital Marketing Businesses, by providing hands on experience in implementing social media campaigns. Topics include: Social Media networks, platforms, programmatic, Google Analytics, social media planning and creative execution.

CREDIT: 1                             TYPE: College                                   

Grade 12: Financial Accounting Principles   (BAT4M1)

This course introduces students to advanced accounting principles that will prepare them for postsecondary studies in business. Students will learn about financial statements for various forms of business ownership and how those statements are interpreted in making business decisions. This course expands students’ knowledge of sources of financing, further develops accounting methods for assets, and introduces accounting for partnerships and corporations.

PREREQUISITE:                  BAF3M1 - Grade 11 Financial Accounting Fundamentals

CREDIT: 1                             TYPE: University/College                 


Grade 12: International Business Fundamentals   (BBB4M1)

This course provides an overview of the importance of international business and trade in the global economy and explores the factors that influence success in international markets. Students will learn about the techniques and strategies associated with marketing, distribution, and managing international business effectively. This course prepares students for postsecondary programs in business, including international business, marketing, and management.

CREDIT: 1                             TYPE: University/College                 


Grade 12: Sports & Entertainment Marketing   (IDC4U1)

Learn about one of the most exciting and competitive businesses in the world. The field of sports and entertainment marketing is rapidly growing. Many colleges and universities are offering courses specializing in sports and entertainment. In this course you will explore the intriguing world of sports and entertainment from a marketing perspective. Some of the topics covered will be professional sports, recreational sports, sports products, public images, celebrities and their fans, images and licensing, brands, promotion, entertainment events, music, theatre, home entertainment, internet, entertainment products, legal and ethical issues, and careers.

CREDIT: 1                             TYPE: University                               


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