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Our Staff 317
Our Staff


Weinstock, Brian (A-J)

Lamoureux, Natalie (K-M)

Nicolaou, Irene (N-Z)



Email Address

Chow, Vincent (P)

Brard, Hubert (VP for A-L)

Luongo-Cassar, Maria (VP for M-Z)

Student Success


Email Address

Birta, Elaine

Terceira, David

Teaching and Support Staff


Email Address

Ahari, Frough

Alon, Alvel

Ashitei, Edward

Best, Michelle​
Birta, Elaine
Bishara, Mona
Black, Risa​
Brnadic, Tony
Brown, Megan​
Campbell, Scott
Canaj, Luan​
Carruthers, Bethany
Carullo, Domenic
Cassidy, Paul
Chapman, Laura
Dam, Minh

Davis, Bruce

Faulkner, Aaron

Frank, Darren ​

Ghetu, Bogdan

Ghobrial, Lorraine

Giraldi, Sammy

Gold, Corey

Gymnopoulos, Constantine

Hamilton, Kareth

Hancock, Max

Harvey, Shari

Henry, Jessie
Ho, Genuine

Hung, David

Jarvis, Diane

Johnson, Ronald

Jung, Yooseung

Karamy, Cindy
Karapici, Anisa

Kostyk, Greg

Lam, Alexandra

Lamoureux, Natalie
Lee, Siow-Wang
Lewkowicz, Mark ​

Lin, Shui Yi

Lioktsis, Emily

Lipton, Mike

Luberto, Giuseppina

Luhar, Preeti

Luong, Johnny

Maselli, Joanna

May, Laura

Naccarato, Pietro

Nguyen, Julie

Nicolaou, Irene

Nimigon, Marc

Panchbhaya, Zahid

Pearce, David ​​

Penafiel, Diane

Pithadia, Meena

Polyzotis, Alexandra

Quansoon, Danielle ​

Reim, Lauren

Reinders, Meghan

Repetski, Melissa

Reyhani, Nazila

Rondina, Matthew

Sadyora, Rubinder

Saslove, Beckie

​Segal, Naama
Sharma, Rubina
​Simonetti, Joseph ​
​Sommer, Judith
​Terceira, Dave
Thai, Mandy ​​
​Train, Beata ​​
​Valin, Dana ​
Ventura, Stefania ​​
​Weinstock, Brian ​​
Wineberg, Cheryl
​Wong, Loretta ​​
​Yolevski, Emily ​​
Yuan, Christina ​​
​Zeiler-Kligman, Sarah ​​


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