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English Department 107
English Department
The English Department's Vision Statement:
The Keswick English Department is focused on the strength and possibility of all levels of KHS students.  We are dedicated to using a skills-based approach to improve and challenge the literacy skills of all our students.  Our department values curiosity and open classroom discussion.  We strive to aid our students in making collaborative decisions while working with peers.  Our students are challenged and encouraged on a daily basis to take responsibility for their learning and to achieve their fullest literacy potential.
Our department and courses are created based on guiding questions relevant to grades and levels.  Each question is relevant to the grade and age level of the student.  Using a skills-based approach, English courses are designed using curricular guidelines and the question that is attached.  Each grade builds on the skills learned in the prerequisite course, and aids to enhance students’ literacy acquisition.  Our goal is to offer courses that are both relevant and interesting to students.  
The English Department's Guiding Questions:
Grade 9
What shapes a person’s identity?
Grade 10
Who has power, and how is it depicted?
Grade 11 College
How do social issues impact us, as individuals?
Grade 11 University
Are people in control, or under control?
Grade 12 College
Are all of an individual’s goals realistic based on the consequences of their choices?
Grade 12 University
Why is it important to view texts through a critical lens?
The English Department's Basis for Teaching Skills:
The English Department at Keswick High School is dedicated to using a skills-based approach to improve and challenge the literacy skills of all our students.

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Department Office ​ ​Email Address

Mrs. S. Vickers

Interim Subject Head

English 1054​​

Mr. K. MacDougald 

English/History 1054
Mrs​. E. Brimble                     English/Family Studies 1054
Mrs. J. Cameron                   English/French 1045

Mrs. N. Flannery                   English/Drama 1054
Mrs. J. Panagiotoglou    English/Drama 1054 & 1070​

Mrs. Y Stietieh Alt Ed/English


Mrs. H. Sebastian                 Art/English 2004
Mrs. H. Willick 
Mr. M. Willick                      English/Physical Education 1018
Ms. L. Wilton                       English 2039





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