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English Department Assessment, Evaluation and Communication Policy 107
English Department Assessment, Evaluation and Communication Policy
English Department A, Eand C Practice.pdfEnglish Department A, E and C Practice.pdf




In the event that a summative is not completed on the assigned date, parents will be contacted to discuss next steps as per the following policy:


  • Summative Assignments:  Every summative assignment is assigned a “Due Date” along with a “Final Due Date.”  The final due date is anywhere from 2-5 school days after the original due date.
  • Assignments handed in after the “Final Due Date” will be assessed  and given a level for formative purposes only; however, it will be assigned a mark of zero.
  • Students are encouraged to hand in assignments on the original deadline; in the event of an absence, teachers can accept assignments by email or through a third-party messenger.
  • Absences on the “Final Due Date” will not extend the final deadline date, even if parent approved.  Assignments can be emailed or sent with another student if the student has yet to hand in the assignment.  The English department strongly encourages students to use the “Final Deadline Date” in emergencies ONLY, and to hand in all assignments on the initial due date assigned.
  • The English department assigns summative assignments and provides students ample class time to work towards the completion of these summatives.  It is the expectation of the English department, that students use these work periods effectively to complete their projects, using the classroom teacher and other available staff for support.  This class time is given with the expectation that summative assignments will be completed for the first due date.  Students requiring extra time, including Special Education students, will still be offered the remainder of the due date period up until the final deadline, should they require extra time as per their IEP accommodations. 
  • Tests:  In the event of an absence on the day of a test, students must provide a “Parent Approved” slip from attendance.  If the absence is Parent Approved, the student must make up the test the day of his/her return to school. 
  • Presentations:  If a student is absent on the day of a presentation, a mark of zero may be assigned for the performance-based expectations.  Process marks may still be assigned.I
  • It is the expectation of the English department that all oral presentations will be presented in front of the student’s class.  Students who choose to refrain from whole class presentations must negotiate this with the teacher beforehand, and are doing so at the risk of their summative mark.  As per the presentation rubric, students will not meet the expectation of presenting in front of the entire class and marks will be deducted.
  • Extenuating Circumstances:  Teachers will use their professional judgment when granting any extensions past the “Final Due Date”.  These are set at a teacher's discretion, and should not be assumed or depended on by students.  


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