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Policies & Procedures

School Home Work Policy - February 2018

Homework Policy

The MMHS recognizes the importance of homework in supporting classroom learning.  All partners: families, students and teachers need to share a common understanding of the purpose of homework so that this strategy may be used and supported effectively by all partners.  

The assigning of homework must be purposeful and intentionally planned in an effective classroom environment.  At times homework may be used to reinforce concepts learned in class, at other times it is used as an extension activity for students who want to reach ahead or enrich their learning.  In another example, homework may be the result of class work not completed for one reason or another or it may be learning that is required before students engage with the content of the next class.  

MMHS strives to ensure that homework is intentional and purposeful and the time spent on homework respects the age and grade of the student, developmental abilities, the balance between academics and family activities and equity of resources and technology availability to students at home.  As such, homework assigned in Grade 9 does not exceed a daily total of 50 minutes for all courses and for students in Grades 10-12 does not exceed a daily 90 minutes of assigned work in total for all courses and not assigned over school breaks (long weekends, winter and spring breaks).  As students may be taking a variety of course at each level, they should plan for 15 -18 minutes per grade 9 course and 20 – 24 minutes for courses at the grade 10 through 12 level.

MMHS recognizes that the completion and monitoring of homework is a partnership between three parties:  the student, the teacher and the families.  All three have responsibility in the effective implementation of a homework program in a course.

The student will:

  • Make conscientious effort to complete all assigned homework in a timely fashion
  • Communicate with teachers about homework accommodation as needs arise to determine next steps and supports
  • Develop skills, in partnership with teachers and parents, to create homework schedules to support completion
  • Understand the purpose of the homework in supporting their learning in the classroom
  • Seek clarification from the teacher about homework before departing for home on the day it is assigned
  • Value collaborative learning as a form of homework

The teacher will:

  • Share expectations regarding homework with both family and students
  • Use their professional judgement to assign homework when it has been deemed to support the program of study
  • Work with the Board calendar that outlines significant faith days (SFD/t diamond days) and school holidays to ensure homework is not assigned
  • Provide instruction and time in class for students to develop skills to organize and plan for homework
  • Provide accommodations in homework to meet the needs of English Language Learners (ELL) and Special Education Students
  • Make notation of homework completion and use this as evidence in determining a report for learning skills on the Provincial Report Card but not used to generate grades
  • Homework will not be used to generate summative grades.  If recorded in TeachAssist (or another marks manager program) a weighting of zero should be assigned

 The Family/Parents/Guardians will:

  • Encourage and support homework completion in the home by the student
  • Consult with the teacher with regards to homework as the need arises
  • Discuss with the student an appropriate space/time for independent learning

Monitor the work habits of students, their achievement with assigned task and overall well being.​

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Board Policies and Procedures
All Board policies and their related procedures, where applicable, are available on our Board public website or in school offices. 
We value and promote open dialogue and encourage feedback on policy issues related to the delivery of public education in York Region schools.  
To ensure the policies governing the operation of the Board remain current, trustees engage in a four-year cyclical review of all Board policies. This review includes seeking feedback from members of the educational community in an equitable and transparent manner.  
All policies available for comment are on the Board’s public website and sent to the Chair(s) of each school council, to be shared with members of the school community.  If you feel a policy needs to be revised, please share specific wording changes with related rationale through your school council for submission to the Policy and By-Law Committee for consideration.
Board Policies, Procedures and Supporting Documents Policy outlines the process by which policies are reviewed, and is available on our website. Questions or comments can be addressed to the Assistant Manager of Board and Trustee Services at or 905-727-3141, x2217.
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