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Safety 414
You should:
  1. Wear eye protection when doing an experiment.
  2. Wear proper clothing
  3. Tie back long hair.
  4. No eating in a science lab.
  5. You must wear closed toe shoes during a lab experiment.
  6. Study the purpose and procedure of an experiment carefully before performing it.
  7. Ensure you understand safe procedures before attempting an experiment.
  8. Use common sense, think before acting, and if not sure how to do something ask your teacher.
  9. Keep hands and other objects away from your mouth.
  10. Remove all books and papers from you desk except for the sheet on which observations are being recorded.
  11. Report broken glass or defective equipment immediately to the teacher.
  12. Put all broken or cracked glassware into specially marked containers.
  13. Report all accidents regardless of how minor.
  14. Maintain quiet and orderly behaviour during laboratory periods. “Horsing around” and inappropriate behaviour will not be tolerated.
  15. Use separate scoops for different chemicals.
  16. Take only the amount of material needed.
  17. Replace all container lids immediately after use.
  18. Allow materials to cool before disposal.
  19. Determine if an object is hot by bringing the back of your hand close without touching, allowing you to feel the radiating heat.
  20. Clean you work station before leaving, including removal of all solids from sinks and drains.
  21. Wash your hands with soap after laboratory work.
  22. Dispose of chemicals and all other materials according to the teacher’s instructions.
  23. Inform the teacher of any allergies you may have.
  24. Know the position of the nearest fire alarm and do not hesitate to use it if you see a fire or poisonous vapours threatening.
  25. Turn off all burners and exit the building in a calm and orderly fashion if you hear the fire alarm.
  26. Know the location and proper use of the nearest fire blanket.
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