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Science Department Contract 414
Science Department Contract
STUDENT NAME:_____________________________________________________________________________
STUDY BUDDIES:  1.__________________________________________________________________________
                                 2. _________________________________________________________________________
  1. Be prepared for class.  Please bring paper, pen, pencil, notebook, calculator, textbook and completed assigned work to each class.
  2. You must be on time for all classes.  Failure to be punctual will affect assessment and will be reported.
  3. When late you must sign in with a reason.  FIVE lates will result in parent/guardian contact and a phone call home will be made.  Additional lates will result in the missed time being made up with assigned work to be completed.  For every minute late double time will be made up in detention.
  4. Attendance is mandatory for success.  Unauthorized absences will affect your progress in science and will be recorded.
  5. All absences must be reported to the main office by parent or guardian.
  6. When you return to class after an absence it is your responsibility to catch up on all class work that you missed.  Consult your study buddies or get the work that will be missed from your teacher if you know you are going to be absent.
  7.  THREE failed or missed assessments i.e. quizzes, homework checks, in -class assignment , reflections, group activities etc. will result in a phone call home.  These in class assignments cannot be made up.
  8. Portfolios will be used as part of the summative evaluation. Any work that goes into a portfolio that is missed due to unexplained late./absences will not be accepted into the portfolio.
  9. Absences on EVALUTAION (tests, laboratory, or assignments) dates must be reported to the teacher directly in order for the evaluation to be accepted at a later date.  Your parent/guardian must leave a message in the appropriate teacher’s voicemail box, informing the teacher of the reason for the absence.  Be prepared to write or hand in the missed evaluation on the first day that you return to school.  Absences without VERIFICATION and PRIOR NOTIFICATION will result in a mark of ZERO. 
  10. If you know in advance that you will be absent on an evaluation date arrangements must be made with individual teachers (at their discretion) as to when/if the evaluation will be accepted.
  11. All EVALUATIONS must be handed in by the DEADLINE DATE.  Evaluations will not be accepted any later than the end of that school day.  After this time the evaluation will be recorded as a zero unless prior arrangements have been made with your teacher.
  12. Hand in all work directly to your teacher.  If your teacher is unavailable, an evaluation may be given to the head of the science department (Ms. Paulin) in the science office located in room 344.  DO NOT HAND IN WORK to the main office or to another teacher to be placed in the teacher’s mailbox.
  13. All evaluations and assessments must be written in YOUR OWN WORDS. Plagiarism will result in an automatic zero.   For lab reports, only the data recorded in the observation table may be the same as your group members.  All other sections of the lab report i.e. purpose, hypothesis, discussion questions, conclusion, sources of error and applications must be written in your own words. 
  14. All forms of evaluation will include questions from each of the four categories; Knowledge and Understanding, Thinking and Investigation, Communication and Making Connections/Applications
  15.  NO MARKS will be DROPPED from any of the four CATEGORIES.
  16. HOMEWORK assists students in preparing for subsequent planned learning activities and enhances and reinforces meaningful and relevant concepts learned in daily lessons.  15 to 20 minutes should be spent reviewing lesson notes or completing practice/reinforcement questions. Students are expected to complete homework assignments to the best of their abilities by the due date. Random homework assignments will be part of portfolio assessments.  Homework may be checked and recorded in a variety of different ways by individual teachers.  Student should recognize that attention to homework is essential to academic success and that it will impact overall performance. Students must accept consequences established by their teacher if they do not complete homework.  
  17.  Seek EXTRA HELP immediately when a question or problem arises by making an appointment with the individual teacher.  DO NOT WAIT FOR THE DAY BEFORE an evaluation.  Come prepared with specific questions that need clarification.
EACH STUDENT AND THEIR PARENT/GUARDIAN IS EXPECTED TO READ AND ADHERE TO THE SCIENCE DEPARTMENT POLICIES.  Please feel free to ask for clarification of any of the above policies before signing and returning this contract to the appropriate classroom teacher.
_______________________________________________          ______________________________________
        Student Signature                                                                        Parent/Guardian Signature
       ________________________________                                         __________________________________
       Date                                                                                                 Date
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