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Akler, Beth

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts.” ...


   Berditchevskaia, Alla

Fairness, passion, empathy, helpfulness, love of what you do, expertise/ knowledge


Chan, Justin

Everyone should deserve a second chance


Clayman, Heather

Engage, understand, reflect, listen, challenge, believe In yourself


Coates, David

Make every day a profitable one


Del-Bianco, Monica

Patience, kindness, committed, continuous learning, collaborative, growth


Diaz, Jennifer

Building relationships, empathy, compassion, desire to learn


Dolha, Andrew

Onward, ever onward, never stop learning


Dumitrache, Dolha

Compassion, care, collaboration, communication, cooperation, dedication


Feldman, Jennifer

Climb your ladder.  

Look forward. Persevere.


Fell, Lindsay

Adapt, build, create, grow, learn, trust


Fisher, Lana

Patience, support, empathy, commitment to learning


Fornazar, Jamie

Meaning, wisdom, values, courage, kindness, fjaka


Gangbar, Rory

Kindness smiles at enthusiasm and support


Gerson, Sandra

Everything changes from that one opportunity


Gold, Adam

Love, mindfulness, struggle, perseverance, motivation, problem solving


Gorewicz, Ryan

Six words isn't enough for me


Gregor, Michael

Responsibility, patience, kindness, 

learn and grow


Gutfreund, Jay

Ideas, literature, communication, music, sports, engagement


Harte, Dionne

Passion, positivity, and dedication 

equals progression


Jackson, Cynthia

Humble, positivity, passionate, commitment, kindness, motivated


Jaskolski, Kamila

Incessant imagination, bubbling creativity, passionate life


Levy, Brian

When it counted, I showed up


Litvack, Efrat

Patience, listening, flexibility, empathy, encouragement, expectation


Madill, Robin

Energetic, reliable, trustworthy, practical, adventurous, resourceful


Maharaj, Susan

Listen, care, embrace struggle, learn, grow


Manna, Chantal

Feeding the mind nourishes the soul


Mati, Alma

Learning helps us heal, grow and move forward


Mavrodin, Doru

Caring, supportive, honest, open, 

good at heart


McCardle, Melissa

Learning, smiles, support, growth, balance, well-being


McLoughlin, Gerry

Fun, laughter, integrity, hard-work,curiosity


McInroy, James

Patience, understanding, growth, struggle, support, perseverance


Jarvis, Courtney

Be creative. Make connections. Live fully.


Nixon, Travis

Where words fail, music speaks


Orlowsky​, Neil

Breath, Smile, make it RING everyday


Patel, Vina

Positivity, empathy, growth mindset, listen, learn.


Paulin, Laurie

Compassion, patience, 

flexibility, enthusiasm, knowledge 

and empathy


Phone, Jason

Face the monster, preparation and mindset


Pooley, Janet

Kindness, caring, supportive, humour, mathematical, introvert


Popiel, Natasha

Experiential learning. 

Positive attitude. 

Optimistic outlook.


Pressman, David

Thinking critically, problem solving and citizenship are of tantamount importance


Rosen, Wen Jessica

Be positive and support each other


Rosenberg, Stephanie

Smile, compassion, patient, collaborative, support with strategies


Salzburg, Zachary

Be kind, the rest is commentary.


Santos, Andrea

Giving up is not an option


Tran, Ivan

Kindness. Respect. Purpose. Perseverance. Understanding. Fun


Triantafillou, Tony

Foster creative, passionate learner 

and thinker.


Tsang, Kingeon

Collaboration, critical thinking, communication, commitment, cupport


Wheatley, Sarah

Evolving, persevering, balance, trust, community, encompass


Wiatrzyk, Courtney

Caring, adventure, honest, active, 

humor, resilience


Wodlinger, Laura

Try curiosity travel community
hand-on connect


Wong, Cora

Learn everyday


Young, Stacie

Care, respect, support, learning, 

growth, community


Zhang, Sandie

Passion, respect, creativity, learn, 

trust and patience

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