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Are students eligible for bussing?

The Arts Specialized program is an optional program. As per Policy and Procedure 680 Student Transportation, students attending optional programs do not​ receive transportation. However, the Arts Huron program has been granted special consideration in order for transportation to be provided to some students who reside a significant distance from the school with little access to public transportation.  The special level of transportation provide to students of the Arts Huron program is reviewed annually and families would be updated if there are changes to this practice.

Can students apply to more than 1 discipline?

Yes. You may apply to 2 disciplines. You may only accept an offer to 1 discipline.

Can I apply to a school that is outside of my boundary?

Unless the program (ex Piano, Strings) is only offered at a specific school, no. In the application, you may indicate an alternative school. This may be offered to those who are waitlisted, once all spots are accepted, and if there is a spot. Schools will reach out ONLY if this is available.

How can I support my applicant to have a successful audition process?
The school will provide clear success criteria. If you have questions please email the school contact that is shared on the​ school's website

Am I good enough? Everything I see seems to be so much better than what I can do. Should I bother applying?

Yes! Please apply, Most of what you see coming out of the Arts Huron program is the result of students working hard at their art form every day for a number of years. Many of our star students started just where you are now. It is amazing how far you will come under our instruction with passion and hard work

Will I be able to continue with my French studies and complete Arts Huron requirements?

Yes – simply delay taking the required inside out credit until grade 11.  (An inside out credit is an arts credit that is outside your discipline normally taken at the grade 10 level it does not have to be taken in the grade 10 year though).​

Will I still have other electives while participating in the Arts Huron Program?

With the exception of grade 9 where your two electives are occupied by the Arts Huron courses – yes! You will have lots of opportunities to take advantage of all the great courses that only a school of Huron’s size can offer.

What if I am interested in more than one discipline?

Audition for the discipline that you are most passionate about. If successful in your application you will be able to take classes in both disciplines from grade 10 onward. It is possible for students to graduate with double majors. Many graduate with a major and a minor. We encourage student to explore their creativity.  Our program strives to work collaboratively and introduce students to a variety of arts disciplines.

I have an I.E.P. will this be a problem?

Absolutely not. Huron has a large a supportive team that will be there to support all students in all of our various programs.​

Huron is such a large school, I am afraid I will get lost. What are the benefits of a school like Huron?

We are fortunate to be a tight family in the middle of a big school. The Arts Huron program really does operate like a family with a group of highly committed and professional teachers and a passionate talented and caring group of students. We have Dance, Music, Theatre, Visual Arts and Super Councils. Students are encouraged to be part of the councils that help set the stage for student’s involvement and social activities. We run interdisciplinary field trips and bring in guest artists. Arts Huron sometimes feels like a school within a school. Students also get the advantage of being part of a large school where there are many opportunities for extracurricular activities from sports teams, clubs, and variety of programs and courses that only a large school can offer; it’s the best of both worlds.

I don’t want to work or pursue education in the Arts after high school. Is it a waste for me to be in an arts program during high school?

Definitely not. Students taking the Arts develop a number of skills that are highly transferable to other sectors including strong lateral thinking skills, presentation skills, self-regulation, resiliency, creativity, interpersonal skills, project development skills, time management skills, a sense of pride and achievement, focus and concentration, attention to detail,  improved coordination, ability to follow through, problem solving skills, and social skills​

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