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Music 105

The Music Program at Huron Heights SS focuses on developing the skills necessary for successful musical expression. We believe that a sense of belonging and inclusion is central to musical growth and success. We do this by promoting a culture of collaboration in our large ensemble programming.

Many students who participate in Arts Huron find that our large ensemble experience is where they find a true sense of belonging. For many, the HHSS Music program is a second family of sorts.

Students who enter the Arts Huron-Music program come from a variety of experiences and abilities. All are welcome.

Unique opportunities to facilitate development of musical expression may include: solo and small ensemble repertoire with assistance from guest artists/teachers, interpretation and technique. As students advance, there will be more opportunities for specialized study of jazz, teaching, arranging, composition, conducting and performance of standard symphonic and chamber repertoire.

YouTube Performances

"Cardinal Elements”-Kenley Kristofferson and Ray “Coco” Stevenson - HuronHeights SS Symphonic Band​

"Hallelujah" - Men's Chorus from Huron Heights SS (Newmarket, ON) Arts Huron

"Shallow" - C'est Jazz from Huron Heights SS (Newmarket, ON) 2020

"My Lagan Love" - Chamber Choir Huron Heights SS (Newmarket, ON) Arts Huron

"Goodnight Moon" - Huron Heights SS (Newmarket​, ON) Arts Huron​






Grade 9

AMI1OM - Advanced Placement

AMR1OM - Repertoire

AMC1OM - Music & Creation

AMG1OM - Advanced Guitar

AMV1OM - Vocal Music

AMJ1OM - Vocal Repertoire

Grade 10

AMI2OM - Advanced Placement

AMR2OM - Repertoire

**All music students are encouraged to explore and participate in ensembles

outside of their declared major area of study**

Music students require a minimum of 7 Arts Huron Music courses + 1 outside arts credit.

This is the recommended year to take your arts course outside of your discipline 

theatre, visual arts, or dance

AMG2OM - Advanced Guitar

AMV2OM - Senior Vocal

AMJ2OM - Vocal Repertoire

Grade 11

AMI3MM  - Symphonic Band

AMR3MM - Symphonic Band Repertoire

You are encouraged to continue to explore and study other art forms

AMG3MM - Advanced Guitar

AMV3MM - Senior Vocal 

AMJ3MM - Vocal Repertoire

Grade 12

AMI4MM - Symphonic Band

AMR4MM - Symphonic Band Repertoire

You are encouraged to continue to explore and study other art forms

AMG4MM - Advanced Guitar

AMV4MM - Senior Vocal

AMJ4MM- Vocal Repertoire

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