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Visual Arts 105
Visual Arts

Successful applicants will take 5 Arts Huron core classes along with 3 other visual arts electives. Students are encouraged to explore the creative process through a variety of learning experiences. At Huron we have gone beyond the basic visual arts courses and allow for students to experience a wide variety of creative pursuits. At Huron we have 5 large visual arts studios including a state of the art MAC lab, a digital photography lab including a lighting studio, digital animation and media arts labs along with two traditional studios the size of which can not be beat anywhere else in the board. Students will have their studies richly complemented through numerous workshops with guest artists and multiple field trips in an attempt to tie academic learning and studio practice with real life applications. Students at Huron have gone on to become creative directors, animators, fashion designers, sculptors, painters, game designers, film makers and stage designers. 

Huron’s Award Winning Visual Arts




ARTS HURON ELECTIVE COURSE Grade 10-12 students take AH Core PLUS one or more of the electives below


Grade 9

AWM1OM - Traditional

AVI1OM - Non-Traditional

Grade 10

AVI2OM - AH Core

ASM20M - Media

AWI2OM - Fashion

AWJ2OM - Stage Design

AWQ2OM - Photography

TDJ201 - Computer Aided Design

NAC20M - FNMI Arts

You may also choose from grade 11 optional credits

This is the recommended year to take your arts course outside of your discipline 

theatre, music, or dance

Grade 11

AVI3MM - AH Core

ASM3MM - Media

AWQ3MM - Photography

AWL3MM - Drawing

AWP3MM - Sculpture

AWS3MM - Animation​

AWT3OM - Art and Self

TDA3M1 - Architectural  Design

TDV3M1 - Interior Design

TGG3M1 - Yearbook

You may also choose from grade 12 optional credits

You are encouraged to continue to explore and study other art forms

Grade 12

AWM4MM - AH core

ASM4MM - Media

AVI4MM - Portfolio

AWS4MM - Animation

AWN4MM - Painting

AWQ4MM - Photography

AWP4MM - Sculpture

AWK4MM - Illustration

TDA4M1 - Architectural Design

TGG4M1 - Yearbook

TDV4M1- Interior Design

You are encouraged to continue to explore and study other art forms

Visual Arts Students must have 7 Arts Huron Visual Arts Credits + 1 outside arts credit


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