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Literacy Requirements 107
Literacy Requirements

Ontario Secondary School Literacy (OSSL) Requirement  ​

Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test (OSSLT)

The OSSLT is administered in Grade 10. It is based on the Ontario curriculum expectations for reading and writing that have been identified across the curriculum up to and including Grade 9. The results of the OSSLT are reported as successful/unsuccessful. Students who are unsuccessful will be given clear feedback regarding their performance in order to help them address the areas where improvement is required. Students who are not initially successful will be allowed to retake the test. In addition, students who have had at least one failed attempt may enrol in the Literacy Course (OSSLC) to satisfy the diploma requirement.  

A student with special education needs who has an Individual Education Plan (IEP) may receive accommodations for the test.  The accommodations will be the same as those that are set out in the student's IEP and/or those that are available to the student in the course of his or her regular school work, including examinations and other forms of evaluation. (Note: Adherence to the EQAO policy on accommodation for the OSSLT is required.) A deferral may be granted if the student is unable to participate in the test even if all accommodations were provided. A student whose IEP indicates that the student is not working towards the attainment of a secondary school diploma may, with the consent of the parent and the approval of the principal, be exempted from participating in the OSSLT.  

An English Language Learner (ELL) may receive special provisions such as adjustments to the setting and/or timing of the test. A deferral may be granted if the ELL has not acquired a level of proficiency in English sufficient to participate. 

Decisions regarding accommodations, special provisions, and deferrals are made in consultation with the student and parents or the adult student, and with the appropriate teaching staff.    

Ontario Secondary School Literacy Course (OSSLC)

The OSSLC is a Grade 11/12 Open course and is part of The Ontario Curriculum, Grades 11 and 12: English program. Students are eligible to take this course after one failed attempt at the OSSLT with the principal's permission. When students successfully complete the OSSLC, they will have met the provincial literacy requirement for graduation. Students earn a credit for successful completion of the OSSLC which may be used as an additional English credit (to meet either the Grade 11 or 12 English credit) or a Group 1 compulsory credit.
Additional Opportunity for Students to Obtain Their Graduation Literacy Requirement (Adjudication Process)
Students who are eligible to graduate in June, but have not completed the Literacy requirement for graduation through no fault of their own and have not been able to take advantage of the normal opportunities to write the OSSLT or have not been able to enrol in/or complete the OSSLC due to unforeseen circumstances, may have their case reviewed by an Adjudication Panel. For more information, please contact your secondary school. 
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