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Clubs and Councils

Name and Description

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Aerospace Club

In the Aerospace Club, we focus on students' educational prowess and well-being through fun activities and discussions around aerospace. In the Aerospace Club, students will gain a general knowledge of the aerospace industry and learn about careers in aerospace.

The club's goals are:

1.     To engage students in the school community, help them set/achieve their educational and career goals and gain leadership.

2.     To introduce a new generation of aerospace enthusiasts to Canadian society.

Meeting day - Every other Wednesday 

Time: 2:50 pm - 3:30 pm

Location: Room 328

Staff Advisor: Sheri Tanner

Architecture Club




Meeting day - Thursdays 

Time - after school

Location - Room  345

Staff Advisor -  Ms. Cowan

Art Council

Art Council focuses on creating and promoting arts awareness within Newmarket High School through a variety of events and activities. The council consists of over 90 students including 16 student positions on an executive team who have opportunities to take on leadership roles within the general council. The art council provides a safe and inclusive environment for students to make new friends, make art while experiencing a sense of belonging. Events are centered around student interest, holidays, advocacy and fundraising. The council also assists with the bi-annual student art show.



Meeting Day - Monday (Executive)

Wednesday (General Council)

Time: 2:45 - 4:00 pm

Location:113, 114, Cafe

Staff Advisors: Amanda Miller, Elena Kontozis, Stephanie Coleman

Athletic Council 

Athletic council will be made up of students in grades 9, 10, 11 and 12 with a passion for health and physical activity as well as sport. You will work together as a team to deliver events that interest the student body and promote spirit! You will also be involved in helping to organize and facilitate intramurals for the school. 

Meeting day - Thursday morning

Time:7:45 am

Location: outside the gym 

Staff Advisor: Peter Laidlaw, Cherie Cathcart

Best Buddies

To facilitate inclusivity and build community with the general student population and those with special needs.

Staff Advisor - Mary Montgomery

Time - Weekly

Room 233

Book Club

Book club focuses on providing a space for students to learn, read and socialize with each other. We bond over our love of reading by engaging in book talks, various activities and reading initiatives. Students have a chance to share their favourite books and to try reading something new. Anyone with a love of reading is encouraged to join!

Meeting day - Wednesday (twice a month)

Time: 2:45 - 3:45 pm

Location: Library

Staff Advisor: Michelle Curran

Google Classroom: 5hawvhw

Care Club

Caribbean, African, Respect Equity

Our club promotes and advocates for the rights of black students, while educating the NHS community on anti-black racism. It is also a vehicle for black students to have a safe place to connect, chat and build relationships. We focus on student interest, discussing available supports  and ways to make a difference.

Meeting day -Pending (still in process of setting up)

Time: after school and at lunch

Location: 114

Staff Advisor: Amanda Miller/Elena Kontozis

Student Advisor: 

Community Mentor: 

Chess Club



Meeting day - Tues/Thurs

Time: 10:55 - 11:30 am

Location: Room 222B

Staff Advisor: Mark Loftus

Computer Science Club

Meeting day - Mondays excluding staff meetings

Time:2:50 pm to 4:05 pm

Location: Room 305

Staff Advisors: Gord Payne, Matthew Ierfino

CSA - Central and South-Asian Club


This club will serve as creating a family amongst South and Central Asians in our school.


Meeting - Tuesdays

Location - Portable 2

Staff Advisor - Ms. Panzer

Student chairs - Fatima Quotbe and Kiya Khan

Debate Club

Meeting day - Mondays except for first week of month (Friday - due to staff meeting)

Time: 2:50 - 4:15 pm

Location: Cafeteria/Library

Staff Advisor: Alyssa Salamat



Meeting Day -

Time -

Location -

Staff Advisor - Ms. Pownall/Mr. Tam

Drama Club


Meeting day Wednesday

Time: 2:50 - 3:45

Location:  Drama Room 111

Staff Advisors:  Sue Hallworth, Keri Hill, Marek Przemieniecki

East Asian Student Association


Meeting day - twice a month

Time - afterschool

Location - Room 101

Staff Advisor - Alyssa Salamat

Eco Council

Eco Council creates an opportunity for student leaders at NHS to promote environmental awareness and activism in a changing world. Eco initiatives are decided on by our council and completed throughout the school year. This allows students to participate in real world initiatives that make a difference and help to create the green leaders of tomorrow. Anyone with a passion for our planet is welcome at the Eco Council!

Meeting day - Tuesdays (Executive and General Council)

Time: 2:50 pm

Location: Room 322

Staff Advisor: Ms. Pratt

Google Classroom: 4fnaxyr

Gender Sexuality Alliance

Meeting day - Wednesday

Time: lunch

Location: Library Classroom

Staff Advisor: Charlotte Hawkswell

Healthy Schools Council

Staff Advisor - Darryl Hope, Sheri Tanner, Julie Laidlaw, Anca Prince



HOSA is an organization that aims to help students interested in becoming a health professional to gain knowledge, skills training and leadership development through competition.  Students registered with HOSA Canada will have access to their virtual workshops and may choose to participate/compete in the fall and spring leadership conferences.  

Meeting day - TBD 

Time: TBD

Location:Rm 339

Staff Advisor: Jen Brkic, Amanda Choi

Jewish Student Alliance

This club will provide a safe space for Jewish students and value their voice, accomplishments and concerns.  The club will also seek to positively showcase the Jewish community in Newmarket and York Region as a whole.

Meeting day - Wednesdays

Time: 2:45 to 3;30 pm

Location: Rm 211

Staff Advisor: Ms. Mendelson

Knitting and Crocheting


Meeting Day - Thursdays

Time - after school

Location - Room 326

Staff Advisor - Ms. Zver/Ms. Radulovic

Language Exchange Conglomerate

Promote community wellness, inclusivity and equity.  Focus on bringing forward student assets, particularly those of Multiple Language Learners, in an environment of learning and creates a volunteer opportunity for those needing hours.

Meeting Day - Wednesdays

Time - after school

Location - room 218

Staff Advisor - Ms. Davis

Law Team (Mock Trial)

Meeting day - TBA  (Mock Trial occurs in second semester)

Time: TBA  

Google Classroom Code: ac7wmm5


Staff Advisor: Alyson Pownall

Math Club

Math Club provides a space for students in grades 9 through 12 to develop their math skills through collaboration and problem-solving. Students will participate in vertical problem solving, discussions, and math contest preparation through reviewing and solving past math contest questions. Please note that Math Club and math contests run independently from each other; joining the math club does not mean automatic registration into the math contests.

Meeting day - Every 2nd and 4th Friday of the month

Time: 3pm - 4 pm

Location: Room 303

Google Meet Classroom code: zn6zneh

Staff Advisor: Ricci Tam

Movie Club

Movie Club is dedicated to providing a creative outlet to all students of Newmarket High School. Students will explore various forms of cinematography, acting, storylines, and more much. They will also have the opportunity to share their opinions regarding social justice issues that are relevant in today’s society.  Students will have the chance to respectfully debate their opinions on certain aspects of the chosen films with their peers.

Meeting day - Every other Wednesday  

Time: 2:50 pm - 3:30 pm

Location: Room 328

Staff Advisor: Sheri Tanner

Music Council

Music Council is open to all music students who are interested in being involved with organizing events for our Department.  We hold events such as Coffee House, Concerts, fun theme nights, the Musical, and Music Banquet.

Instagram: NHSMusicYRDSB

Meeting Day - Monday’s after school

Time - 2:50 - 3:30 pm

Location: room 108

Staff Advisor: Cheryl Cline & Olivia Werden

Muslim Students Association

Meeting day -



Staff Advisors:  Ms. Xithalis, Ms. Hawkswell


Newscast is the official student produced video broadcast of NHS. Newscast brings announcements as well as ‘news from the hallways’ to our school community. It lets students interested in pre-production planning, reporting, filming and editing experience the fast paced environment of producing the news.

Meeting day -

Semester 1: Friday/Monday, period 2 (planning) and Tuesday, period 2 (filming). Also many opportunities to be involved if period 2 is not your lunch.

Semester 2: period 4

currently bi-weekly

Location: Room 221

Staff Advisor: Barbara Gordon & Johnny Luong

Nijigen Club

A group that celebrates Japanese Culture (song,animation, video games)

Meeting day - Friday’s

Time: 3:00 pm

Location:  Room 108

Staff Advisors: Mr. Stephens

Personal Finance Club

This club will focus on teaching financial literacy, investing etc….

Meeting day - Thursday

Time: afterschool

Staff Advisor - Ms. Pownall

Philosophy Club


Meeting day -  biweekly

Time -

Location - Room  328

Staff Advisor -  Ms. Tanner

Photography Club


Meeting day - every other Wednesday

Time -

Location - Room 118

Staff Advisor - Ms. Coleman

Robotics Club / Team

The Robotics Club is a group of students dedicated to learning and applying STEM and Engineering principles to solve challenges and build robots.  Over the year we participate in competitions and learn useful skills.


Meeting day - Wednesday and Thursday

Time: 2:50 pm

Location: Library

Staff Advisor: Mr. Tam

Small Ensembles Club

The club is a space in which members can find other members who enjoy the same kind of music as them.

Meeting day - Monday (bi-weekly)

Time - after school

Location - 328

Staff Advisor - Ms. Tanner

STEM Initiative Club

The STEM Initiative club is a group of students interested in learning more about Science Technology Engineering and Math and using their knowledge and skills to create and pitch a potential solution to a UN Sustainable Development Goal.  

Meeting day -


Location:  Room 339

Staff Advisor:   Ms. Brkic 

Video Game Club

Meeting day - Tuesday

Time: 2:50-4:00

Location: Room 314

Staff Advisor:  Mr. Ierfino

Wind Ensemble

The Wind Ensemble will build community, creativity, and school spirit within NHS.  This club will create a welcoming community for students passionate about music.

Meeting day - Thursday

Time - afterschool

Room 107

Staff Advisor - Ms. Cline

Youth Alive



Meeting day -  Monday

Time - after school

Location - Room 108

Staff Advisor - Ms. Werden


February 13/2024

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