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Drama - Gr 8 Open House 2020

Drama study at the Grade 9 and 10 level provides students with an opportunity to take on roles and to create and enter into imagined worlds. They learn in a unique way about themselves, the art of drama, and the world around them. Students engage in social interaction and collaboration as they create, perform, and analyse drama. Through informal presentations and more formal performances, students use drama to communicate their aesthetic and personal values.

By communicating in both their real and imagined worlds, students acquire proficiency in listening, speaking, questioning, and problem solving. Through the process of taking on roles, students develop and express empathy for people in a wide range of situations. They develop the ability to interpret and comment on a range of drama works and activities and evaluate their own and others’ creative work.

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Goals of the Program:

1.Creating and Presenting: Students use the creative process (see left) to develop, produce, and perform drama. Through a variety of dramatic forms, students explore characters, issues, and feelings, both individually and collaboratively.
2.Reflecting, Responding, and Analysing: Students use the critical analysis (see left) process to reflect on their response to dramatic works and develop their understanding of how dramatic purpose is achieved. Students examine the social functions of drama, including how dramatic exploration promotes appreciation for diverse cultures.

3.Fo​undations: This strand is concerned with dramatic forms, conventions, practices, and skills. Students learn about the origins and development of drama and theatre arts and their influence on past and present societies.​

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