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Science 403


"The primary goal of science is to understand the natural and human-designed worlds. Science refers to certain processes used by humans for obtaining knowledge about nature, and to an organized body of knowledge about nature obtained by these processes.​
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Science is a dynamic and creative activity with a long and interesting history. Many societies have contributed to the development of scientific knowledge and understanding. . . . Scientists continuously assess and judge the soundness of scientific knowledge claims by testing laws and theories, and modifying them in light of compelling new evidence or a re-conceptualization of existing evidence."
~ SCCAO and STAO/APSO, “Position Paper: The Nature of Science” (2006), pp. 1–2​


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Science - Gr 8 Open House 2020

Science is a way of knowing that seeks to describe and explain the natural and physical world. An important part of scientific literacy is an understanding of the nature of science, which includes an understanding of the following:

1. What scientists, engineers, and technologists do as individuals and as a community.
2. How scientific knowledge is generated and validated, and what benefits, costs, and risks are involved in using this knowledge.
3. Ho​w science interacts with technology, society, and the environment.​

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Goals of Science:

1. To relate scie​nce to technology, society, and the environment

2. To develop the skills, strategies, and habits of mind required for scientific inquiry

3. To understand the basic concepts of science

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