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   Screenshot 2018-09-25 00.04.38.png headpiece: Naomi & Heidi, photo: Heidi with Naomi                     headpiece, photograph and graphics: Krystal & Yino 
 graphic design: Heidi                                              

ARTS MIND is an event, originating from an integrated project series in 2018 within our Grade 11 Visual Design AWD3M1 (Middleton). The projects blossomed, as did the students' potential, as interdisciplinary designers, making a difference. 

Screenshot 2019-05-12 08.42.21.png                                                                                                                                                                                                 photography M.Coleman

Arts Mind is now a week of creative exploration, emphasizing the role of the Arts and Creativity in Personal & Community Wellness.  It coincides with National Mental Health Awareness Week and features:

*a thematic art show, (supported by coursework & awareness through Arts focus)

*performances across The Arts: Dance, Drama, Music and Visual Arts

*workshops and daily mindful arts experiences across and between disciplines

*signature events like ART ALIVE!! - The Paint Challenge and ARTS KNIGHT

*a corresponding ARTS MIND MAGAZINE ​- an interactive experience built by students for students
*information campaign in support of whole health and mindfulness through the 
  creative process, somatic experience, engagement and meaning making

*an extended welcome to all MMHS students and staff and our extend community

  ARTS MIND on the Road, extending the message into the community.

Screenshot 2019-01-24 20.37.30.png   Screenshot 2019-02-14 00.19.11.png  Screen Shot 2019-08-15 at 11.25.13 PM.png

At Markham Civic Centre   Image: City of Markham                     Downtown at Gallery 44      Our very mobile MMHS Dance Troupe
Mayor, Frank Scarpitti, with Photographs by Safia with Taylor     AVI, AWD & AWQ classes
& Usman with Daniel (AWD3M1, AWD 4M1 -Middleton)   

* NEW in 2019

  ARTS MIND, the 'ZINE ​- an interactive Mindful Magazine, built by students for
  students, featuring mindful poetry, imagery and creative exercises, with a hand rendered 
  sensibility - supported by key projects from our

  This years magazine is a conversation between the images of current MMHS students and the 
  words of past students, now adults, in a continuity of share experience.  

   LEAVING - is an original​ theatre-in-the-round performance, sharing one young 
   woman's experience of leaving home and community for a new land, language and lifestyle, 
   based on a mindful writing experience from Ms. Coleman's ESL class.  This experience ushered 
   in Annie's writing debut and solidified the performance experience for Garret and Fanny. 
   ARTS MIND ELEMENTARY - this year Arts Mind joined forces with the Equity Club to extend 
   the Arts Mind experience to our community elementary schools. A condensed,  dedicated Arts Mind 
   experience​ was designed with feature performances, workshops and continued thematic art show, all
   geared to Mental Health Awareness through the Arts.

   A Speak Up Grant, supporting student Voice enabled additional culture-based Arts workshops 
   with Deron Ahsén:nase Douglas and Quamie James and provided each participating
   elementary school student with an ARTS MIND MAGAZINE, to support their independent 


                                                                                          Illustration and original title rendering: Dylan

Arts Knight, our long-running multi-disciplinary annual performance event,   
now aligns with Arts Mind, emphasizing the value of shared creative expression
in Dance, Drama, Music, Technology and Visual Arts.  Arts Knight now is scheduled as a key feature within Arts Mind, the week. 

     Screen Shot 2019-08-15 at 12.52.01 PM.png   
   I                                                                                                 ​Images: Yino, Dylan, Angel 


it started with...
one nutty idea... to reflect states of mind through paper costume design
and a class signed on ... and extended it into a campaign
which we took downtown
and brought back home
other Visual Arts classes joined to form a show
other Arts subjects stepped in weave in performance and interconnections
and opportunities for the whole school and community to join in 
showup and share experience and expression
and that is what can happens when we go with creativity 
in community
building connection and meaning

​   ARTS MIND 2019 - MAY 6-10              

      A WEEK OF ART for Mental Health Awareness for all of MMHS   

 Screen Shot 2019-08-15 at 1.12.49 PM.pngScreen Shot 2019-08-15 at 1.17.57 PM.png
  Photo and Text: Tracy with Kitty Headpiece: Kian, Kitty, Tracy ​AWD3M1 (Midd)    Illustration and Graphics Collaboration: Angel  AVI101 (Midd)

 See the atrium showcase in May for our daily schedule.  Join us for performances, activities, 
experiences & art displays.   ARTS MIND - for the ENTIRE SCHOOL COMMUNITY        

         Art is Mindfulness. Mental Health. Modern Learning. Reconciliation. Community Partnership. Interdisciplinary Collaboration.                 

​     NEW THIS YEAR! ARTS MIND - The 'ZINE              
                                             EDITION ONE: THE INNER LANDSCAPE                
 Join us as we explore Mindful Creativity through writing, reading and art.
 Each book is designed to be unique, with space and inspiration for 
 personal and collaborative creations. Works completed through explorations in 
 Junior Visual Arts Courses and independent inquiry, with Joyce Z. in the role of 
 editor.  -see Ms Coleman (ESL), Ms Middleton or Joyce Z. for details 

 Consider a role as on the 2020 editorial or promotions team.

 literacies - mindfulness - inquiry - pro​​cess - social intelligence - modernity learning & tradition     


In 2019/20 we embark​ on a journey to create a Land Use Acknowledgment
as artwork, in the building of a collective landscape, ho​nouring the rhythms and elements of nature, the land around us and the Indigenous communities that came before us.

The work is meant to be 'slow' and aware with mindful intention and direct personal engagement, supported through Arts Discovery, our regular series of mindful studio activity. We anticipate that the work will be offered as a whole school experience within Arts Mind 2020, with unveiling within Indigenous Culture Month... when we will share and extend the layers of this work and vision.

The work also supports MMHS Drama's involvement with the Scarborough Project's Landscapes theme in association with Tarragon Theatre and U of T Scarborough.

At MMHS, we recognize Colonialism and Colonization as a systemic pattern and experience echoed through the many cultures that are a part of our community and recognize our role towards expanded awareness and transformation locally and globally.

To find out more or participate in the project, contact the department.


​The Box is an extension of an in-class inquiry exercise that transformed into a 3D Living Installation, hosted by The MMHS Learning Commons and supported by Maker Space.

Students and staff were invited to engage in a  self-directed mindful visualization exercise, considering their experience of 'enclosure' and  translate their response into a visual expression take-away or add to the installations growth and change.

The varied responses reflected our shared and individual experience, and static and shifting nature of perception.

 ART as HEALING   - feature Artist Kiki    
Screen Shot 2019-08-15 at 10.39.47 PM.png

 The Visual Arts Department support personal arts  
  exploration through our four directions:

  Visual Arts Discovery - our regular mindful arts activity offering

  Open Studio - an opportunity to use our studios for self-guided work

  Visual Arts Ventures Network​ - matching students to creative opportunities
                                                      developing student centered​ creative initiatives

  Visual Arts Courses - with meaningful, differentiated art projects 

  ARTS MIND is brings the directions together into one offering.


  see the Visual Arts Message Board for schedules or arrange your own, with us


                           ARTS MIND 2018 - MAY 7-14    

    Screenshot 2018-09-25 00.04.38.png

                   see the Visual Arts Newsletter for details

                                         MMHSVA Newsletter​

                                left:   headpiece, photograph and graphic design -Heidi with Naomi
                              right:  headpiece, photograph and graphic design -Krystal with Yino  

                ~ Art is not just ornamental, an enhancement of life.  
                               it is a path in itself, a way out of the predictable and conventional, a map to self discovery.  - Gabrielle Roth         
                                                                                  K. Middleton, Subject Head, Visual Arts, MMHS, YRDSB

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