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                   Blooming Yino 2 (1).jpg
                                                              headpiece & photograph -Krystal & Yino 

ARTS MIND is an event, originating from an integrated project series in 2018 within ourGr. 11 Visual Design AWD3M1 (Middleton). The projects blossomed, as did the students' potential, to be interdisciplinary designers, making a difference. 

Arts Mind is now a week of creative exploration, emphasizing the role of the Arts and Creativity in Personal & Community Wellness.  It coincides with National Mental Health Awareness Week and features related thematic imagery and performances from all the 
Arts as well as multiple opportunities for all students and staff to engage with mindful 
creativity and community, throughout the week. 

Arts Knight, our long-running multi-disciplinary annual performance event,   
now aligns with Arts Mind, emphasizing the value of shared creative expression
in Dance, Drama, Music, Technology and Visual Arts.  Arts Knight now is scheduled as a key feature within Arts Mind, the week.



​   ARTS MIND 2019 - MAY 6-10              

      A WEEK OF ART for Mental Health Awareness for all of MMHS

     MIND TRACY.jpg 
                  Text and Photo: Tracy with Kitty  Headpiece: Kian, Kitty, Tracy  
 See the atrium showcase in May for our daily schedule.  Join us for performances, activities, 
experiences & art displays.   ARTS MIND - for the ENTIRE SCHOOL COMMUNITY        

         Art is Mindfulne
ss. Mental Health. Modern Learning. Reconciliation. Community Partnership. Interdisciplinary Collaboration.                 

​     NEW THIS YEAR! ARTS MIND - The 'ZINE              
                                             EDITION ONE: THE INNER LANDSCAPE                
 Join us we explore Mindful Creativity through writing, reading and art.
 Each book is designed to be unique, with space and inspiration for 
 personal and collaborative creations. -see Ms Coleman (ESL) or Ms Middleton for details 

 literacies - mindfulness - inquiry - pro​​cess - social intelligence - modernity learning & tradition     

                           ARTS MIND 2018 - MAY 7-14          

    Screenshot 2018-09-25 00.04.38.png

                                                see the Visual Arts Newsletter for details

                                                MMHSVA Newsletter​

                                left:   headpiece, photograph and graphic design -Heidi with Naomi
                              right:  headpiece, photograph and graphic design -Krystal with Yino  

                ~ Art is not just ornamental, an enhancement of life.  
                               it is a path in itself, a way out of the predictable and conventional, a map to self discovery.  - Gabrielle Roth         
                                                                                  K.Middleton, Subject Head, Visual Arts, MMHS, YRDSB

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