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Creative Careers

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​                                                                                                Image: Sheraz with Usman AWQ3M1 (Middleton)

The GTA is the third largest employer of creative professionals.   Many design firms, film houses, Virtual Reality and Gaming studios are located here.   Many others are finding that they can forge their own unique creative way with a personalized niche market career that may be done anywhere (even a more affordable real estate market).  Creative opportunity is only as limited as imagination, personal awareness, effective decision-making, plus applying self to all the aspects of implementation and process, beginning with Discovery:

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LIST OF ART CAREERS with recent NEW Entrepreneurial Initiatives
There are many lists out there.  This one highlights a few new, inventive creative businesses.​

Connect your career direction to your innate talents, meaning, purpose & service.
According to Lepzig, aligning your work to these fundamental areas is the key to contentment, the most important success of all:

The processes of design can be applied to designing your life experience, the most vital of creative endeavours.   Stanford University Design professors have designed a course and a book on the topic which is growing into a community, shifting personal and collective experience.  Discover all their resources.


is an event organized by APPLIED ARTS MAGAZINE, featuring representatives from a number of creative post-secondary programmes and example creative work.  For more information, visit the Applied Arts Magazine or Creative Futures websites/pages.  

Many post secondary institutions open their doors and conduct presentations. You can also tour campuses at other times and contact departments for answers to your questions.

OCAD U holds online info. sessions around various career related programmes.  Other Institutions​ have similar offerings. Sign up to sites that interest you - 
for info. updates.  Load seminars into your calendar.  Key information can inform your choices.

OCAD Open House- October & May  RYERSON- November ... and others 

or arrange your own tour to suit your schedule ... before making the big choices, discover the places in play and your response to them (and the potential of spending your years there)

Virtual Reality, Apps. Creation & Creative Content,  Art and Aging (in the Baby Boomer Generation), Art and Design for Rehabilitation, Mental Health, Non-Profit Social initiatives and improving the Operational Systems are just some growing options. Look, it's out there.  These are just a few examples of the impact of art/design in expanding areas:

INTERESTED and WIRED for A CREATIVE PATH? DISCOVER! - research existing jobs, emerging vocations and what they entail - identify the daily work and envision yourself in the role - determine the educational requirements, costs and various routes to the type of work that engages you. Compare the related diplomas, degrees, memberships and certifications associated with any program or apprenticeship. Define what is 'for you'.  Consider the stats., and honour your inner knowing. Apply to your top options and see what unfolds. What is most 'right' can be revealed through the process.  Before final decisions, consider visit the places to determine the environment that supports your experience.  

In the spirit of full DISCOVERY,  consider career info. and stats.  available on the OCADU and other post-secondary school sites, council sites ( and career sites/resources.

Below: sample U.S. compiled Statistic and Careers Data - in infographic posters by Tyler Lang for Ringling School of Art & Design (Florida), illustrate the minutia, connectedness and potential creative careers directions available if you are so inclined and willing.  Consider that aspects of this national data multiply within a creative center like the GTA.  Remember, while there are many art/design/photo related businesses/institutions most all businesses and ventures increasingly rely on art/design/object/environment & image. Measure this data with your other findings from other sources, while DEFINING your direction/decisions and determining if the creative path is right for you.  Regardless of personal direction, the creative skills-set and learning from your MMHS experiences go with you and can be applied to all your endeavours.

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                                       The art of teaching is the art of assisting Discovery. - Mark Van Doren 

                                                                                                K.Middleton, Subject Head, Visual Arts, MMHS, YRDSB

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