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​                              there is always something unfolding through MMHS Visual Arts... 

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    ART ALIVE!!                                                                                  
    Screenshot 2019-05-12 08.42.21.png                                                                                                                                                
On May 10th, ART ALIVE!!, the culminating event of Arts Mind, landed in the atrium like a creative whirlwind, with over 25 ​
painters in a focused Art Discovery challenge against a 55 minute clock.  The theme was Inner Landscapes,
in keeping  with Land Acknowledgment, Mental Health Awareness and MMHS Drama's partnership with Tarragon Theatre, 
U of T in interaction with the work of landscape artist and educator Doris McCarthy.  

It was a Visual Arts Ventures opportunity for Frederica and Kabilash who confidently ran the show weaving dynamically and
spontaneously through the images, music, participants and audience.  Our late arrival special guest artist almost 'stole' the
show, but each unique creative expression shone through.  As in traditional art challenges, all of MMHS was invited to take in
the art and consider a personal favourite, an, admittedly, difficult task.  Votes were split across all of the images, showing an
appreciation for the range of design and technique, individual response to theme and creative resilience in action.  Mandy amassed the most responses for her vision of tranquility and everyone, participants and audience,  alike, were winners in creativity.

We send a big thank you to Mr. Hilland and his sound team for getting us up and running and all the students and staff who
took on the creative challenge, building sharing, mindfulness and community at MMHS.  Arts Mind is MMHS ARTS week long 
offering of creative explorations, shared performance and community In conjunction with Mental Health Awareness Week. 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Images: M. Coleman

    JOIN US                                                                                    
    MAY 1st is ARTS KNIGHT.  Join us  from 6:00- 8:00 pm in the atrium for,​ featured offerings from 
    Dance, Drama,  Music  and Visual Arts.  Support The Arts in Action at MMHS & Mr. Hillands final MMHS performance.
    All are welcome.

                  Screenshot 2019-04-22 21.54.56.png                                                                                         Image: Dylan T- VENTURES - with MIDD

May 6-10, it's Arts Mind, a series of daily lunchtime activities, performances and workshops, in conjunction with Canadian Mental Health Awareness Week.   Painting music, flash mobs, bubble art and ensembles are all typical parts of the roster, plus more.  This year,  we will also have a live theatrical performance in the center of the atrium. It all wraps up with Art Alive!!, the Paint 'Battle' and over 25 participants registered to face the creative challenge. Check the schedule in the showcase for details. 

Engaging with art supports well being.  Our doctors can now offer prescriptions for art shows and performances as a means to foster well being and connection.  Whether an audience member or participant, art is good for you... for health, for skills, building meaning and community.  Join us in creativity and sharing.  


INNER LANDSCAPES - This Year, Arts Mind has a thematic focus. MMHS Drama has initiated the direction through a collaboration with Tarragon Theatre and U of T,​ Scarborough and we are inspired to join them on the journeyWithin this theme, we consider our personal interior landscapes, collective landscapes and the impact of historical and contemporary actions on individuals, groups, communities and The Land.

ARTS MIND - The 'ZINE, 2019 -  Inner Landscapes/Landscape of the Mind
The Collaboration extends into the relationship of image, word and interaction with the Inaugural edition of ARTS MIND, The 'ZINE, added to the Arts Mind roster.  Creative, mindful activities designed by MMHS students will be interspersed with original poems and imagery.  Every book will be different and personal, because the 'reader' is also a creator.  See Ms Coleman and Joyce Z. for details. 

Screenshot 2019-03-10 16.23.17.png Screenshot 2019-03-12 22.42.40.png  
                                     Tracy with Kitty AWD3M1-MIDD     Yino with Krystal AWD3M1- MIDD, Angel AVI101, Dylan- VENTURES

Don't forget... Arts Battle/the Paint Challenge will return... full force, in landscape theme, in the atrium .. May 10th, with Frederica and Kabilash as Masters of Ceremony, a solid soundtrack and a ticking clock.
Our participation list is open until April 25th. See an art teacher to be included. Students & staff are welcome.

 Arts Mind for Whole Health Awareness, In Conjunction with Canadian Mental Health Week -  May 6-10.

At the end of February, Students from across York Region will engage Skills Challenge, hosted by Seneca  College.   Heidi was nominated by her the photography crew to represent Milliken Mills HS and YRDSB in Photo Category.  Heidi and our other photographers have grown accustomed to discovering and developing and refining  photographic works independently.  Students in the event, will respond to a predetermined, but, as of yet, undisclosed photo challenge and respond within time and location parameters.   It will be interesting to see what unfolds.... no pressure... just exploration.  

Heidi's triptych requirement for the challenge is shown below.   She will be combining this and other works together to curate and model a personal show entitled, EMERGENCE, within our Arts Mind/Arts Knight spring show, beginning May 1st (particularly helpful to students considering the IB Visual Arts Programme).  

  Screenshot 2019-04-04 06.44.46.pngScreenshot 2019-02-14 07.23.05.pngScreenshot 2019-02-14 07.23.05.png    VENTURES- YR Skills Challenge                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 
   Screenshot 2019-04-20 18.07.30.png Heidi Wong panoramic.jpgshallow depth window light Heidi.jpg Screenshot 2019-05-12 07.38.28.png

                                                                                                                                                                                                  Photos by Heidi W.
      AWQ3M1, AWD3M1-MIDD & INDEPENDENT                           

​   GALLERY 44 - Centre for Contemporary Photography
                        CAMERALINKS: LOOKING FOR​WARD

​​​On February 13th, Gallery 44 Centre for Contemporary Photography held the opening for their annual CameraLinks thematic exhibit, Looking Forward.  Photographs by MMHS students are presented within a feature wall arrangement and in a customized digital display.

The gallery welcomes visitors to view these and other diverse works included in Looking Forward. The Show runs through to February 23rd, (excluding Sunday), at 401 Richmond Street West (at Spadina), in the heart of the gallery district.  

Through our Visual Arts Ventures Network, we actively seek to  connect our students to a range of meaningful opportunities and experiences. MMHS has a rich history of showing art within GTA galleries and our community.

Gallery 44 is one of a just a few photo focused galleries in the GTA.   It has a special mandate to promote photography education in traditional and contemporary approaches.  As part of our approach to Equity, all of our students are offered an opportunity to refine a related project for showing and engage with the documentation and preparation of works for display as part of design 'delivery', and an aspect of Visual Arts curriculum.  This year, digital prints from AWD3M1 Visual Design, AVI4M1 Visual Arts and independent students (Middleton), plus a framed projection sequence from AWQ3M1 (Kong) will be featured. 

     Screenshot 2019-02-14 00.18.38.png      Screenshot 2019-02-14 00.19.11.png20190213_173248.jpg
                                                                                                                                                                                  AVI4M1 & AWD3M1 - MIDD

   Screenshot 2019-02-14 00.34.18.png 20190213_172845.jpg 20190213_174802 (1).jpg 
     AWQ3M1- KONG


Several of our MMHS Visual Arts Photography and Design students were invited to show collaborative Photographs at the Markham African Caribbean Canadian Association &City of Markham Black History Recognition Ceremony on Wednesday January 3rd at Markham Flato Theatre and the Civic Centre's Great Hall.  Since the event was STEAM based (with a focus on science, technology, engineering, art and math), the organizers were particularly interested in the technical motion studies from our Gr. 11 Photography course, influenced by groundbreaking electrical engineering studies at  MIT (with related application to scientific, sports, advertising, news. and fine art photography).
Students were asked to present large scale prints and a slide show, with Daniel taking the lead to speak on the intersection of Art & Science in their Photographic work.  Physics, Chemistry, Math, Technologies, Engineering of photographic devices and scenarios are all a part of full-spectrum study of Photography at MMHS.  (We don't just point and shoot).  The group presenting work on the theatre screen included Daniel, Usman, Sheraz and Aditya,  with additional print design and portrait works by Safia with Taylor (on display until the end of the week). Students had an opportunity to meet and interact with community leaders and the mayor while communicating the value of personal collaborations and mindful creative engagement through Photography. That's what Visual Arts Ventures Networking is all about.

(UPDATE:  Daniel and Usman have now been accepted to all three of the post-secondary Photography Programmes to which they applied.  They showed independence and determination in ongoing exploration, consultations and refinements to build truly personal admissions portfolios.  Congratulations!)

Screenshot 2019-01-24 20.37.30.png   usman and daniel motion.jpgMotion2aditya.jpgMarkham Mayor, Frank Scarpitti, with Photographs by Safia with Taylor, AWD3M1 (Middleton)        Motion Studies by Usman and Aditya with Daniel AWQ3M1 (Midd)
and Usman with Daniel (Indpendent with consultation)                    Image: City of Markham
Screenshot 2019-01-24 21.21.32.png Screenshot 2019-01-16 01.03.24.png
   ​MACCA/City of Markham Recognition Awards Recipients                  Image: City of Markham                                                              Image: Usman with Daniel

  Screenshot 2019-01-19 04.14.07.png 
Screenshot 2019-01-24 20.54.08.png 
 ​    Event Promotion                                                               Image: MACCA & Eventbrite      MMHS at Markham Flato Theatre  Image: City of Markham
BLACK ART & CULTURE - IN SCHOOL - During February, visit our display board, featuring an array of works by Black artist/innovators and help create the Roots & Rhythms Glass Mural as we take Visual Arts Discovery, to the Library and Maker Space.  Discover rich traditional patterns from Black cultures around the globe and add your own colours and shapes to the mural concept, designed by award winning ​MMHS student, Shamar.  Extend the inquiry and use the library resources for further inquiry into traditional and contemporary art, artists and culture.  All staff and students are welcome in this collaboration between Alternative Education TEAM, Maker Space, Library Learning Commons and Visual Arts.

  YEARBOOK - IT's HAPPENING..                                                         
Yearbook is for everyone, the book and the course.  You still have a chance to order a copy.  And, if you have a prior senior Visual Arts or Technology credit, you still can enrol in next year's AWE4M1 course, learn about professional graphic design and publishing and have a chance to build next year's experience.  Yearbook is networking and community, 30 YEARS, strong. (Image: Yearbook Team, with S. Jobanputra)           Screenshot 2019-01-17 12.58.07.png

  Annual Shows - A Tradition Continues        
Every year, we venture out, extending student creative expression into the community. In September, it was an installation at Markham Fair, featuring multiple students (see the blog  post, below)... in November, the Provincial​ OSSTF Finals, in January, the Civic Centre and Markham Flato Theatre and, in February, we engage​ Gallery 44 and  York Region Skills Challenge.  Some of our student work is on permanent community display, with two trios of MMHS Visual Arts students completing large commissioned paintings at the Milliken Mills Community Center and  Library, each related to Equity and Wellness.  Spring marks the Arrival of Arts Knight and Arts Mind as  Our students experience their art related to community, connection and opportunity.

UPCOMING... G44 CAMERALINKS: Looking Forward - in February 
Gallery 44 is located in the 401 Richmond Street, Building at the south east corner of Richmond and Spadina.  The photographs will be on display from February 13-24, with an opening reception of February 13th as part of CameraLinks, LOOKING FORWARD.

 g44.png  g44 3.png
    MMHS student photography on display at G44, 2011     MMHS at McKay House
    Image: Gallery 44                                    Article: The India Times

       Screenshot 2019-01-04 06.46.08.png    logo discovery.png                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        
January 2019)

It's freshly 2019, with Lunar New Year and semester 2 approaching. All that, tends to make us look back on what we have done and DEFINE, directions moving forward.  It has been a semester filled with coll​abor​ations. People drop by daily for support with individual and classroom projects, research questions, admissions portfolio & essays, contest refinements, visual resumes.... it's ongoing and only growing with the increased visibility and use of art & design in the modern marketplace. 

Connection is a vital part of the Visual Arts Department. So, we are enacting the title, Visual Arts Ventures Network, as an umbrella, for the array of initiatives that we support outside of the classroom - in which students, school and community partner together through common creative purpose.  Networking, is more than adding names to a social media list.  It is  timely communication and collaboration in action, defining clear goals and developing action steps to creatively manifest them.  See our OPPORTUNITIES PAGE to find out more and see the results of Visual Arts venture networking​ throughout our pages.

Arts Club, too,  is trying on a new name, better associated with the unique goal of our weekly mindful creative gathering, to differentiate it from our service and product based efforts.  Arts Club has been around for 30 years and for the last 15, the focus has been on mindful, sustainable creative explorations, offered during lunch, open to all students and staff.  To reflect this,  Arts Club is becoming VISUAL ARTS DISCOVERY. Discovery is a design industry term, often used to describe the open-ended, exploratory stage of the creative process.  VISUAL ARTS DISCOVERY, it's about possibility, pressure-free personal exploration and creative play; it's discovering about self and other, through creativity... no pressure, just exploration.  DISCOVERY uses readily available sustainable materials, suitable to the time frame and all levels of experience.   DISCOVERY is open to all students and staff and our offerings will be announced and posted to insure equal access.  

 Green Guardian via Gr.9 Visual Arts... is on the way
                                                                                                                         (December 2018)      Screenshot 2019-01-19 04.07.30.png
​        Madeline - Character & Cover Prototype AVI101 (Middleton)                  exploratory mock-up ... concept in development
        (with study of figure drawing studies, Photoshop)
When students explore creativity and personal meaning, utilizing their skills and gifts.... projects align with purpose. Such is the case with Madeline, who has been developing a character and cover design as part of a Gr. 9 culminating assignment which seems, naturally aligned to current issues and the Mandate of Green Inc./Eco Schools ... and, in just a few moments, and some effective communication... an alliance was formed (and, the concept of VISUAL ARTS VENTURES,  opportunity matching focus, (see OPPORTUNITIES PAGE), again, made sense ).

Part of our Role in Visual Arts is to recognize and foster creative alignments, linking individual, community and real-world experience - expanding resumes, portfolios, messages and connections. Fostering collaborative relationships and an awareness, helps us all. With creative work like Madeline's, the concept of VISUAL ARTS VENTURES (see our OPPORTUNITIES & DIRECTIONS PAGE) began to make even more sense.

Madeline has been taking control of the project and her vision, consulting and discussing the possibility of a storyline involving polarized possible futures.  Immediately, she began to consider adapting the story scenario and design detail to best suit the opportunity & Eco mandate, through a positive tone.  She has embraced the opportunity, considering an ongoing multi-year initiative, across her time at MMHS, with a role to match her interests and inclinations. Wow. 

Be on the lookout for more of Green Guardian - as Madeline applies her skills, gifts and experience ...
Early connections and opportunities help to show students what is possible and how we can work together 
in action for our collective future and potential personal futures and possibilities.

More GREEN INC/ECO SCHOOL MATCHING through Visual Arts Ventures

  dragonfly naomi.jpg Screenshot 2019-01-02 07.35.52.png
​                                                             Naomi - Acrylic on Board Painting AVI4M1 (Middleton)                                                                       (December 2018)  
Everybody has been admiring Naomi's recently completed dragonfly, an acrylic painting on wood panel.
People and groups have asked to have it, others have just come to visit dragonfly. This happens sometimes.  Our students apply themselves within the project process, resulting in refined, viable and meaningful creative products.  At MMHS, we match work to purpose, we don't give it away.  In the digital age, students can retain their original copy and still offer their work for meaningful purpose...  and what better purpose than habitat and biodiversity preservation.   Naomi immediately offered her image and support to GREEN INC and other artists and their subject creatures signed on as well.

The project itself is designed for awareness and connection, through Naturalistic study.  The art class became more connected to their bugs, insects and the rest, and we started to discuss when we last saw a 'Praying Mantis' and other species subjects that the students had chosen to depict. It caused us to consider the reduction in local species numbers and diversity, across the globe.  The resulting art, considers the detail and beauty of each species and will be used to bring this awareness to others.  The 'fade' technique contributes the visual emphasis and furthers the message that our biodiversity is disappearing.

Green Inc Design Duo, Dylan and Vivian, are integrating the images into promotion/educational posters.
Alternative Education's TEAM generated the slogans, related to bio diversity.  Watch for the unveiling, within Green Inc initiatives.

 YRAC - Youth Committee - A Visual Arts Venture Network Match
Image result for york region youth arts committee                                                                                             (December 2018)
Congratulations Heidi.  Heidi's interests in Arts organizations, art history and curatorial concepts  lead to a Visual Arts Ventures match with York Region Arts Council.   She used the creative process to DISCOVER the mandate and role of the organization and learn about the application process for YRAC Youth Committee and DEFINED a council suitable role related requirements and deadlines.  She DEVELOPED solid integrated visual resume, personal logo, cover letter and updated her on-line portfolio, consulted around refinements and DELIVERED her pitch in a council interview. Heidi is now a member of the YORK REGION YOUTH ARTS COUNCIL executive, a great learning experience, networking opportunity and addition to resume.  She can continue in this role during her post-secondary education and move on to other roles within this and other related organization.

In her role, can represent the interests of Milliken Mills and Markham alongside personal interests, a step forward into inter-relating benefit. In MMHS Visual Arts we strive to prepare students for opportunity with projects that build personal visual identity and experience, and skills, while offering ongoing support outside of classtime.

Opportunity awaits.  Starting early builds awareness, confidence and possibility.

              WINTER GREETINGS and COLLABORATIONS                
Gr. 11 students created a winter design and fundraising experience, with the Guidance of Ms. Ng.  The extracurricular venture was a great learning opportunity around the preferences of a target audience and market, materials costs, fundraising protocols, advance orders and direct deliver systems.  Proceeds (after costs) will go to BEST BUDDIES, an MMHS fundraising focus.  
Cards were designed By Teressa, Dylan and others, with a group approach to sales and delivery.  Students often design occasion cards logos, and other marketable items as part of the independent inquiry component within our courses.  Seeing their designs in action, re-enforces the real world applications of art and design.  This venture may become an annual tradition, with cards celebrating our array of winter festivals, including Diwali, Lunar New year, Hanukka, Kwanza and more. 
Design class, AWD3M1 (Middleton) was also in mode, adapting a course project on mental health awareness into a winter holiday greeting, suitable to varied cultural traditions, while acknowledging that both the holiday season ​and winter can be a particular challenge, with a call to mindful within the season.  The image acts as both an e-greeting and print postcard, that can be kept as a reminder throughout the year. Our featured image was created by Emily and model (using paper theatrical design, lighting and digital photography with Photoshop).

Remember the YRDSB annual calendar features art depicting the meaningful nature of all cultural celebrations and any student can enter to have work included.  The deadline to enter your work if February 22, 2019.  See an art teacher for details.

 Dylan T. Represents York Region - Senior Visual Arts Division     (November 2018)
As always, we encourage our students to pursue creative opportunities and provide in- house postings,            details and ongoing support.  This Year, Dylan's artwork, Hands of Time, has been selected from all York Region Senior Visual Arts entries, to represent OSSTF District 16, at the Provincial final. 

     IMG_8977.JPG   osstf award.jpg
Dylan extended the components of his drawing project in AVI3M1(Ng), into a personal statement and challenge, related to the contest theme, spending many independent hours fine honing his pencil and pencil crayon techniques towards magical naturalism.   This year's theme, Ahead by a Century, is a challenging one, designed to foster inquiry around whether collective and human actions, in recent decades, can be considered more as advancement or detriment to our world. Dylan's artwork is full of rich nature symbolism, a fitting match to the theme, like paintings by the Baroque Vanitas masters, visited in AVI3M1 curriculum.

Last year Dylan entered an excellent independent digital illustration in the Junior category, related to the
popular, What's your Super Power theme.  He regularly and willingly applies his creative skills to service, fostering further versatility, awareness, rendering/design skills, while building a personal portfolio through real-world work with Green Inc., Arts Knight, Arts Mind, and other MMHS initiatives.  Works from Gr. 10 are appreciated around the school, for use in varied mindful, ecological and equity initiatives. Behind
the contest, is an amazing example of how creative engagement enriches community, connections, meaningful causes, and aligns personal focus and opportunity. When students engage in our three focus areas of Visual Arts, Visual Design and Photography (with both traditional and contemporary media and techniques), they become a Visual 'Triple Threat'+. Dylan has already been matching his skills and vision with his awareness of MMHS and community initiatives, touching base, within the Department for consultation and refinement of work. Some of Dylan's cross-disciplinary work related to MMHS NETWORK initiatives is featured below (check-back for his growing portfolio, and versatility... coming soon to the portfolio showcase):

dylan hero.jpg (old) Arts Night Poster 2019 - Dylan Tann (1).jpgMind Poster Dylan 1.jpgMind Poster Dylan 3 (1).jpgMind Poster Dylan 2.jpg                                                                                                                                              AWD3M1-MIDD
 I am dylan horizontal .jpeg  Green Inc Vinyl Banner Vertical.jpgGreen Inc Vinyl Banner 2 (1).jpgGreen Inc Vinyl Banner 2 - Copy (2).jpg dylan Arts banner small (1).jpg                                                AWD201-MIDD                                                                                                                       VENTURES- MIDD
     Dylan Walk Cycle Lineart.gif Dylan Walk cycle Colour.gif  
     Screenshot 2019-01-19 07.08.53.pngScreenshot 2019-04-21 13.50.43.png Screenshot 2019-04-21 13.50.43.png 
                                                                                                                                  VENTURES- NG/KONG

This Year, MMHSVA will support the traditional MMHS table space, honouring and including the 14 women engineering students of Ecole Polytechnique with an atrium display featuring powerful works created by Heidi with Naomi, Safia with Taylor, Tracy with Kitty and Grace ​with Lee.  These images arrive at a pivotal time, alongside the expansion of the Me Too phenomena and other human rights initiatives. (They also act as a preview to our related work with Looking Forward in February and Arts Mind in May.)  Elizabeth Z serves as curator/prop & lighting designer for the exhibit, with poetry and content support from Joyce Z and the AVI4M1 group​ and research by Mona.  Thank you to each additional student who created sculpted paper flowers to honour the women of Ecole Polytechnique and all those taken by gender based violence.
artsmind afaia taylor jp.jpg white rose best.jpg white rose poem.jpg
                                                                                                  Imagery: Safia with Taylor, coursework AWD3M1 (Middleton) (with permission of the artists)
                                                                                                  Curation: Elizabeth with Joyce    Research: Mona (Co-op ollaboration- Mitchell & Middleton)

Part of our mandate is producing meaningful art, developing skills of art presentation and collaboration, engaging social cause and community.  Visit the showcase to view the works. 

for additional information:

​    This year, a team lead by Teressa under the Guidance of Ms NG and Ms Kong, created a banner to support
   the annual MMHS Remembrance Day ceremony.  The banner, with classic imagery can now become part of   
   the MMHS tradition.  With advanced planning, the team worked extra-curricularly, over several weeks to 
   meet their delivery date, with Teress demonstrating great dedication in completing the project. (Photo: S Ng) remeberance day.JPG   
  For more information on Rememberance Day Observances and Visual Symbols visit:

   GALLERY 44 Centre for Contemporary Photography  
                                                                                                                       (October 2018)

Another of our students has been chosen to represent Gallery 44 online and in print. It is a great continuation of our longstanding involvement in all manner of Photography in MMHS Visual Arts 
and demonstrates the continued role and value of film, darkroom and hand rendered work in, and beyond, the art community. 

Aditya's image was one of several of his portraits that were on display at Gallery 44.  His work was chosen from all school submissions and is the only student work featured on the gallery site.  The image will be used to promote this year's CAMERALINKS show and remain on the Gallery site for an extended period, (an excellent addition to any resume).   

This semester, Design, Photography and Visual Arts students will all be creating, preparing and showcasing images for a professional gallery environment.  Part of out mandate is to connect students with opportunities, experiences, community and creative networks, building resumes, awareness and confidence.  

Screenshot 2018-10-07 13.32.44.png
                                                                                              Image: Aditya, with Sheraz from the Pictorialist Portrait Portfolio​ series AWQ3M1 (Middleton)



    YEARBOOK 2018-19 available for preorder NOW.     (September 2018)  
      $26 Hardcover! .. School Cash Online - for details, contact ​Ms Jobanputra
 Screenshot 2019-01-02 05.14.47.png
         Yearbook is communityopportunity - connect now & in               
​​         the future, claim your belonging, stretch your roots, reach             
         your branches, expand your network, share in the surprise,           
         unfolding...Yearbook is us, in it, together Yearbook 2018-19          
       new year, new theme, new team,  30th anniversary!            

                                                                                                                          Image: Yearbook Cover 2017-8 AWE4M1 (Jobanputra Group)

  MARKAM FAIR ...                                   (September 2018) 
Screenshot 2018-10-20 11.52.27.png 
     MMHS INSTALLATION (partial view)     
     AVI101, AVI3M1 painting & AVI4M1 curation (Middleton) 
     with Co-op display design, construction and assembly​
     commissioned Poem - Joyce Z
     plus drawing additions from Visual Arts DISCOVERY (Kong, Ng)

This Year, MMHS Visual Arts and Co-Operative Education Departments collaborated on an Art Installation in support of Markham Stouffville Hospital. The project became an opportunity for us to engage and create between departments and with our community as well as explore career areas involving curation, display construction, transport ​and assembly. The interdisciplinary artwork featured the work of multiple students, including a collaborative feature piece from our special needs class who visited the fair and saw their artistic expression on display, alongside the work of other community artists.

Our theme, in response to the Fair's working title Old Days, New Ways, involved the connection between Art & Harvest across time and styles of art-making.  The form of the installation was inspired by tradition wooden produce packing crates and roadside stands. As with many things, details emerged mid process and a new title for the show emerged from the Fair - “Cultivating Canada:  Voices for the Past, Visions for the Future”.   This caused us to further consider the role of Treaty Lands and Treaty Peoples as integral to our national harvest and art, within the installation. A transparent Treaty Map and outlines of Canada were placed at the center of the arrangement, with a  symbolic seed, sculpture and poem, representative of potential healing and new growth.  Our installation demon​strated how we may consider multiple mandates and something approaching more fulsome awareness within a creative endeavour.​

MARKAM FAIR ... next year ... the 175th anniversary!


 Visual Arts DISCOVERY - Mindful Art Activities             

In semester 2, our weekly offering will reboot under a new name,  reaffirming our commitment to accessible, mindful, sustainabl​e creative art experiences .....most TUESDAYS - P.3 

ART DISCOVERY is an open, creative activity and space vs. a closed name roster or hierarchy. 
All are welcome to participate in Art Discovery activities which will posted and announced to insure equal access.  DISCOVERY uses readily available, low cost, environmentally friendly materials in creative ways.        Our Visual Arts experiences are open to all students and staff.  

OPEN STUDIO is ongoing independent access to the Visual Arts studio spaces (130, 132, 242A photo studio and darkroom) by arrangement.   A supervising teacher volunteer is required for you to access a studio.  
Consultation is also available and recommended.  See a teacher for supervision availability.  Open studio is guaranteed one day per week, but often is available more frequently.  

(Please do not assume that a teacher will always be available or that the art spaces are substitute daily lunchrooms.)

   VISUAL ARTS VENTURES NETWORK                           

At MMHS, we match students to opportunity.  The projects and opportunities that we create within the department are often designed to align with community initiatives and needs.  We strive for real world connections, experience and relevance which further builds portfolios, resumes and leads to further opportunity in an ongoing cycle of creative manifestation.


SEE the message boards, listen to announcements & check in for details of new, rotating activities & featured topics.


​​​​                                                                                        The art of teaching is the art of assisting Discovery. - Mark Van Doren 

                                                                                                                                                              K.Middleton, Subject Head, Visual Arts, MMHS, YRDSB

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