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Portfolios are, simply,  a collection of work.  They can take varied formats, show a wide spectrum of ability, focus on a specific direction or document work in progress.
Often 80-90% of our graduating art class are targeting creative careers ... and they require portfolios to get there. Creating a portfolio is an exercise in creative discernment.  It involves nuanced strategy and sequencing to meet admission guidelines and demonstrate related experience, while showing versatility and uniqueness.
Our courses are designed to build portfolios, the kind of portfolios that grow confidence and opportunities.   We offer portfolio workshops and individual portfolio consultations.  It works.   Each Year, typically, twenty or more MMHS students head off to creative programs in a range of fields.  However, all of our students utilize the skills they learn, whatever the journey.

Everyone can benefit from a personal creative portfolio as a reminder of our own creativity capacity.  A portfolio of creative work demonstrates engagement, the ability to discover, define, develop, and deliver with focus and refinement.   Portfolios offer an edge on any pathway, as every job requires creative thinking and the ability to 'deliver'.  Technologies, communication and the marketplace are becoming increasingly visual and global.  An Education in the Visual Arts and a refined portfolio are keys to understanding, enjoying and excelling within the new, visual context.

Our grads can tell you, that while technologies and software are useful tools, art theory, history, an eye for aesthetics and refined hand rendering skills are indispensable​.  As software use increases, a homogenous quality has crept into aspects of the design world and a greater appreciation for tradition, 'maker' spirit, hand rendering, traditional photography and personal human touches and quirks has followed.  Our portfolios convey modernity, tradition, hybridity, innovation and a sense of self.


Admissions portfolios are associated with a set of requirements related to the programme of study and institution. See related current admissions information for details.  

National Portfolio Day in Toronto is an opportunity to show your work to Post-Secondary professors.  While you will receive similar feedback​ from your current teachers, it is also an opportunity to communicate with creative professionals, see facilities and build confidence.

Sometimes we need to be reminded that a portfolio is an opportunity for personal creative expression more than a place of judgment, as expressed by a recent animation arts grad.:

Some of our MMHS grads have volunteered to share aspects of their personal creative portfolios:

HELEN is an MMHS Alumnus and innovator with an OCAD U Honours Degree in Environmental Design, with a minor in Game Design, a rare combination 
                      that considers the layers and relationship between interactive and spatial experience.   To see more of Helen's explorations, visit                         

Helen Liu _ yrdsb portfolio.png

NATASHA is an MMHS Grad with Fine Arts in Visual Arts (Honours) degree from York University plus the prestigious animation degree at Sheridan 
                            learn more about animation, game design and Tesla's pigeon by visiting her online portfolio

Screenshot 2018-09-23 12.45.36.png

LEORA is an MMHS grad who had the privilege​ of studying at Centennial's Story Centre
                    learn more about graphic design, communication and blogging by visiting her online portfolio at

portfolio Leora.png

Screenshot 2018-09-03 13.15.37.png

​CHEUK KIN (Jacky) is a graduate of MMHS and Sheridan's illustrious illustration degree programme.  Find out more about how hand rendering, traditional media and theory retain a vital role, by visiting his portfolio at​
Screenshot 2018-09-23 12.19.55.png

Screenshot 2018-09-23 12.20.08.png

​   Discover more about portfolios in our newsletter.  Assess, build, consult, refine & strategize early for admission portfolio needs.


                                                                                                                                                     The art of teaching is the art of assisting Discovery. - Mark Van Doren 
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         K.Middleton, Subject Head, Visual Arts, MMHS, YRDSB​​​​​​​

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