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​ DO YOUR OWN DISCOVERY!                          

 The Visual & Design Arts are an ever-shifting, infinite landscape
 and there has never been a time of greater access to discover it.

 DEFINE your focus & set forth on your personal journey of 

 Check out our Creative Careers page for some guiding direction.
 + See the department  for a growing list of Reconciliation resources and watch the 
    message board for contemporary artists, current topics, culture & shows, etc.

IN PERSON RESEARCH - wherever you are.. there is art . Get out and interact with Art -  Live - Now

visit online offering when that is not possible

LOCAL GALLERIES:  aren’t you excited? 

your neighbour - Main st. Unionville .. no excuse.. go now   EEK AiWeiWei NOOOOWWW!!! Get there - closes June 9 Dundas at Chinatown  historical art and artifact  -great east asian and south asian features on now just down the 404 moved to a historic auto building - Sterling Ave.. way west of AGO multiple galleries -foot of 404/DVP We will go in September multiple galleries across from 80 Spadina .. more galleries.. bit rickety

University Galleries: right by the AGO.. next door


Slate magazine - a new app that identifies art and culture near you with filters and promo links (not reviewed personally)

PHOTO SPECIFIC has much prewritten content as do other sites - Eastman House
international center of photography
world press photo

Graphic & Information

great focused articles on world design, designers, issues,  phenomena

organizaton founded by WinstonChurchill - a design organisation for the betterment of society

rich with design strategies, resources - modern challenges -features - home of the 4D process


20th entury graphic design styles and key artists key historical trends, styles, designers

advances and technologies in graphic design - from Prehistory forward

Informal major design trends - skips a lot, but good intro. very succinct

Also.. a source to link to other topical shows.. vary in quality…. rabbit hole

for the people by the people.. little clips of design styles… by… people 

INDUSTRIAL & PRODUCT cartoons of major trends in industrial design


Western architecture only

theories of architecture - ...(dry)

50 wonders of world architecture


Just the Terms (we miss Art Lex which used ot be the standard,, but it’s gone):


The Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History amazing, from the MET in NY

thorough, correlates design to world history, but overload if you don’t preknow 

(if you have the patience, you can actually use this crazy thing to create a timeline visual for your process portfolio.. But the interactive part is not viable to slides)

Not official and complete… but fun & quick … industrial design focus

..graphic design focus - visual overview …. skips Suprematism and Constructivism and Dada  and Bauhaus ...into a lump

Neat trick .... but wiki based and not efficient


good summaries of many many art movements and artists - some obscure.. careful of the rabbit hole

(careful not to get overwhelmed..many are subgroups of key styles on the MIDDLETON sheet)

includes art from various cultures & traditions  - nice and concise CS slide resource

a classic for images and articles… old format .. not os user friendly.. but solid content

huge, much…. some requires registering e-mail… for free

Gardner's Companion Site 

Smart History by Khan Academy - great for summarie and clip of just about everything

Museum of Modern Art

nicely connects concepts, styles, etc.  to artist examples for use in slides…. Evidence

same connect function… prettier

Johns Hopkins Archeological Museum

Summarizes some of the Renaissance and a few key styles into and of the 20th Century

Quick scroll summary of a few Key modern Western art movement (Great information about specific artists and their work, history, pictures)

Art Babble (Great for videos and history. In conjunction with SmartHistory) (Short descriptions of movements- good for flashcards) 

Art Through Time: A Global View (Videos according to themes by Annenberg Learner) solid sumaries 

PUBLIC BROADCASTERS & ARTS CENTRES - search by subject/topics

the Design Council 


Will have key textual info. related to current shows

Big galleries like MOMA, Guggenheim, Louvre, ROM, AGO have reliable info. on styles and artists and design/techniques, etc. ..some are listed above

Contemporary - in addition to galleries - some interesting initiatives - super excellent to discover contemporary artists in depth.. you can thank me later (or forget)


Contemporary artists will have info. on their sites.  Be careful on sites titled after historical artists…


.. we have a series of textbooks in the Visual Arts Dept, all well regarded and approved for Visual Arts study

Gardner’s Art Through The Ages (site is above) has been the standard for university arts history study



for scholarly journals is available through our library - it is the same source used for approved University research


Canadian Art, etc.

VIDEO - Art Criticism, History & Theory

CONTEMPORAY ARTISTS & DESIGNERS: PBS contemporary artists series - diverse range  

Art Topic Searches:  NFB   TVO broadcasts many shows on art some from BBC& PBS TED TALKS

Youtube can be a warehouse of interesting clips - which you can trace back to an original sources

 mixed in with a lot of ‘junk’.. so, having a clue going in can be helpful - there are edu, share sites.. as well

When I was your age.. and Buffalo roamed the streets of the GTA,, I really loved John Berger’s 

Ways of Seeing series - John Berger - based on his book and you can find episodes on Youtube… old, but genius   episode 1   episode 2      episode 3     episode 4

Art of China  - another BBC series - hard to find most places with  Andrew Graham-Dixon - he also Has Art of Scandinavia and other places… outsider perspective, perhaps..  with local experts


and other places… and workshops.. and of course.. art class… when we are in it

Paint and sculpt tutorials/insights Craft demos has some nice essential short tutorials and interviews with artists on ways to work

Art models: skelly app, fractal design poser


drawing and understanding the human figure is a staple of many kinds of art

If under 18, permission forms are needed to participate in life drawing of nude figures

the following places hold life drawing locally:

Varley Gallery - long 2 hr poses 

Winged Canvas - varied timeframes, clothed,costume, unclothed

                                                            ..okay… that was a chunk of life energy and time… venture in

ASK us to SHARE our Reconcilation Resource Pages. (link pending)

some historical links listed below:


WRITING - FORMATS and TERMS  (MLA style guide)  (art dictionary)

Indigenous Screen Office

Anita Kunz (excellent caricatures) cool site from an edgy illustrator) (comic illustrator with consistent style) (very organized Netherlander​ site) (technical illustration) (nature)

Bruce Mau
Karim Raschid   (interactive website design)
RESOURCES (1000+ art videos) (art activities and interactive games)

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