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Research Tools 414
Research Tools

Research Tools


Research Steps

Formulate the Thesis Statement

Characteristics of a Thesis Statement

  1. Narrows focus to a specific controlling purpose (ie. TOPIC)
  2. Clearly states an assertion / opinion / perspective (ie. POSITION)
  3. Organizes the subject matter for logical delivery (ie. ORDER or DIRECTION for the paper's development

The Writing Place : Developing a Thesis
Strong Thesis Statements
Indiana University : How to Write a Thesis Statement
formulating a thesis statement (Google search)

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Locate the Information

1. Sources of Information :

2. Information Types:

EasyBib: Primary, Secondary, Tertiary Sources
Penn Libraries : Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Sources
Primary, Secondary, Tertiary Sources (Google search)

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Evaluate / Analyze the Information

WCI Evaluating Information : Reliability and Relevance (includes website evaluation)

EasyBib Website Evaluation

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Organize the Information

Taking Notes:

      1. OneNote : The Digital Note-Taking App for all your devices
      2. Text from Webpages, GALE, EBSCO and all other databases may be captured to OneNote via the send/print commands (date, content and URL are automatically documented). The OneNote entry may then be edited to further include other "personal notes". Paraphrasing and citing then must follow.
      3. Some GALE and EBSCO products can also couple a "Notes" option with this capture/"Highlight" capability (date, content, link to the full article and URL are automatically included). Again, paraphrasing and citing then must follow.

EasyBib : A General Guide to Understanding Written Plagiarism
Google Apps Research Tools (find articles, copy notes and record citations all simultaneously)
Effective Note-Taking

Ways to Group Information:
Organize Your Research with the Power of Google Drive
San Francisco State Univ. OASIS :Organizing the Information

The Outline:
UAlbany : How to Write an Outline

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Cite the Sources

Many information sources now provide a citations function.
  • Some examples include all commercial databases, as well as several free ones mentioned on our Finding Journal Articles page.
  • Minor variations always exist between versions to any citation format. However, consistency is imperative. We suggest using a single citation formatting tool to create all bibliographies -- eg./ EasyBib or RefMe. (Citation format = free MLA) (Citation format = free registration for APA and/or a variety of other formats)

EasyBib Citation Guides
YRDSB Works Cited & Embedded Reference Formats

MLA Works Cited and Embedded References (pamphlet format)

APA Works Cited and Embedded References (pamphlet format)

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