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Evaluating and Analyzing Information 414
Evaluating and Analyzing Information

Evaluating / Analyzing the Information :
Relevance and Reliability

Authority / Credentials

  • Authorship -- is/are the writer(s) an authority on the subject matter
  • Publishing Body / Domain

    • Are both affected by how verifiable the information is and what its bias may be

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  • Availability of  contact options
  • Credibility of contact information
  • Comparable to other sources

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Point of View / Bias / Purpose

  • Domain - does it reflect a purpose / agenda (gains / benefits by whom)
  • Implications of purpose
  • Sponsored site
  • Examples of Media Bias:
    1. Bias through selection and omission
      • Report / not report specific perspective (single sided)
      • Report / not report specific news items
      • Details included vs. excluded to influence opinion
    2. Bias through placement
      • Front page news vs. back page stories
      • Front end T.V. or radio newscast vs. end filler story
    3. Bias by headline
      • Approval vs. condemnation
      • Excitement vs. bland summary
    4. Bias by photos, captions and camera angles
      • Flattering vs. unflattering pictures
      • Photo captions
    5. Bias through use of names and titles
      • Tone of language (positive vs. negative labelling)
      • Presentation of stereotypes (eg./ ethnicity, class, other groupings)
    6. Bias through statistics and crowd counts
      • Relative use numbers (sensationalism vs. down-playing) to influence perspective
    7. Bias by source control - why bias might occur
      • Perspective or vested interest of the source person(s)
      • news release to advertise
    8. Word choice and tone
      • Positive vs. negative language to trigger a particular emotion

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  • Date updated
  • Currency of material to which contents refer

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  • Breadth of work
  • Build on work of other authoritative sources
  • Reliability and quality of Links

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Some Mechanics

  • Organization
  • Clarity / Quality of writing
  • Accuracy

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Other Suggested Links

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