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Finding Academic Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles 414
Finding Academic Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

Finding Journal Articles :
How to Search Databases for Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles


Journal Sources:

Commercial Databases:

WCI Commercial Databases:

    Magazines / Newspapers / Journals Archives & Indexes (incl. all periodical sources and instructions)

    • GALE Infotrac Databases
      • if only academic journals are required deselect all and then select Academic One File and/or Expanded Academic ASAP and/or Health Reference Center Academic only

    • EBSCO Databases (includes:)
      • Canadian Points of View - great for writing editorials (specifically Canadian)
      • Points of View Reference Center - great for writing editorials (larger range of topics)
      • eg./
      • Academic Collection eBooks (ca. 143,000+ fulltext books online)
      • Literary Reference Centre (literary criticism & literature resources)
      • Advanced Placement (cross-curricular academic resources)

    Sample Subject keywords to use:

    • brain AND cogniti* AND music (subject)
    • brain OR cognit* (subject) AND music (subject)
    • outsourc* (all text) AND bangladesh (subject) AND ethic* (subject)
    • bangladesh (subject) AND sweatshop* (all text)
    • water (subject) AND ( world" OR "developing countries") (subject)
    • keystone (subject) AND international relations (subject) AND canad* (all text)
    • limit results to Scholarly (Peer Reviewed) (left column)


    • limit results to Academic journals (also left column - but not all academic journals are peer-reviewed)

    *** Search Results have been set to sort by RELEVANCE, but may be changed to sort by Date, Source, etc.***


    Ensure Academic OneFile is chosen -- but also select others as required.

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Advanced Internet and Google Scholar Searches

Google Scholar

    i.   outsourcing bangladesh building collapse -[citation]

    • The  "- "  sign means the same as the NOT Boolean operator
    • Therefore, the phrase -[citation] takes out any results that contain [citation] -- that is to say any entries that show as a citation only (ie./ not the full article) will not be retrieved. However, if a citation delimiter (include or not include option) appears -- possibly in the left column -- then -[citation] would be unnecessary.
    • date range set to: 2013-2014 in above given example

    ii.   syrian civil war -[citation] (custom range set: 2012-2014)

    iii.   music affect brain -[citation]

General Access Free Journal Sources

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