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This list was updated May2016.

Beyond the Battlefield : Women Artists of the Two World Wars / Speck, Catherine. 2014. (This is single user only and part of our WCI Permanent eBOOK Collection -- not a subscription)
World Wars I and II changed the globe on a scale never seen before or since, and from these terrible conflicts came an abundance of photographs, drawings, and other artworks attempting to make sense of the turbulent era. In this generously illustrated book, Catherine Speck provides a fascinating account of women artists during wartime in America, Britain, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, and their visual responses to war, both at the front lines and on the home front. In addition to following high-profile artists such as American photographer Lee Miller, Speck recounts the experiences of nurses, voluntary aides, and ambulance drivers who found the time to create astonishing artworks in the midst of war zones. She also describes the feelings of disempowerment revealed in the work done by women distant from the conflict. As Speck shows, women artists created highly charged emotional responses to the threats, sufferings, and horrors of war—the constant fear of attack, the sorrow of innocent lives destroyed, the mass murders of people in concentration camps, and the unimaginable aftermath of the atomic bombs. The first book to explore female creativity during these periods, Beyond the Battlefield delivers an insightful and meditative examination of this art that will appeal to readers of art history, war history, and cultural studies.

The Science of War : Canadian Scientists and Allied Military Technology During the Second World War / Avery, Donald. 1998.
The Science of War provides both a cross-disciplinary overview of the scientific and military activity during the Second World War in several countries and a fascinating analysis of what the author calls "Big Science" in Canada.

Holding Juno : Canada's Heroic Defence of the D-Day Beaches, June 7-12, 1944 / Zuehlke, Mark. 2006.
Historian Mark Zuehlke chronicles the crucial six days when Canadians saved the vulnerable beachheads they had won during the D-Day landings. D-Day ended with the Canadians six miles inland the deepest penetration achieved by Allied forces during this longest day in history. But for all the horror endured on June 6 every soldier knew the worst was yet to come. The Germans began probing the Canadian lines early in the morning of June 7 and shortly after dawn counter attacked in force. The ensuing six days of battle was to prove bloodier than D-Day itself. Although battered and bloody, the Canadians had held their ground and made it possible for the slow advance toward Germany and eventual Allied victory to begin. Holding Juno recreates this pivotal battle through the eyes of the soldiers who fought it, with the same dramatic intensity and factual detail that made Juno Beach, in the words of Quill the defining popular history of Canadas D-Day battle.

D-Day : Juno Beach, Canada's 24 Hours of Destiny / Goddard, Lance. 2004.
Many have called it the most important event of the twentieth century - and Canada played a key role. When Canadian troops landed at Juno Beach, they faced some of the fiercest opposition of the attack, and yet they managed to advance further inland than all the other Allied forces. D-Day: Juno Beach, Canada's 24 Hours of Destiny chronicles that momentous day hour-by-hour, through the words of the men themselves. With more than 300 illustrations, this is a vivid remembrance of one of Canada's greatest military achievements.

Enemies Within : Italian and Other Internees in Canada and Abroad / Principe, Angelo; Perin, Roberto; Iacovetta, Franca. 2000.
Bringing together national and international perspectives on Italian and other wartime internees, the essays in this book assess the differing interpretations offered of Italian internment in Canada, the UK, the USA, and Australia during WWII

Pick One Intelligent Girl : Employability, Domesticity, and the Gendering of Canada's Welfare State, 1939-1947 / Stephen, Jennifer Anne. 2007.
During the tumultuous formative years of the Canadian welfare state, many women rose through the ranks of the federal civil service to oversee the massive recruitment of Canadian women to aid in the Second World War. Ironically, it became the task of these same female mandarins to encourage women to return to the household once the war was over. Pick One Intelligent Girl reveals the elaborate psychological, economic, and managerial techniques that were used to recruit and train women for wartime military and civilian jobs, and then, at war's end, to move women out of the labour force altogether. Negotiating the fluid boundaries of state, community, industry, and household, and drawing on a wide range of primary sources, Jennifer A. Stephen illustrates how women's relationships to home, work, and nation were profoundly altered during this period. She demonstrates how federal officials enlisted the help of a new generation of 'experts' to entrench a two-tiered training and employment system that would become an enduring feature of the Canadian state.

Out of the Shadows : Canada in the Second World War Douglas, W. A. B.; Greenhous, Brereton. 1995.
First published in 1977 this accessible general overview of Canada's contribution to the Second World War and of the war's effect on Canada's evolution. This revised edition incorporates new information, particularly in the realms of intelligence and cipher, allowing new interpretations of policies and operations. It also makes new judgements on Canadian generalship.

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