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English Department 418
English Department
English students focus on developing their written, oral, and critical thinking skills through a variety of project based tasks.  In most courses, students select an overarching question that helps guide their inquiry process and allows them to continually reflect on and improve their ideas.  They learn to gather, analyze, and synthesize information from a variety of sources to form opinions and ask questions.  Book Clubs make up a key component in this inquiry process.  We believe in engaging students in reading by placing an importance on modern texts that are representative of a variety of cultures, beliefs, and experiences.  Students will get to select from 5-8 novels so they can guarantee they will get to read something they will enjoy.  

During the Book Club process, students learn to have deep conversations about relevant and critical issues, which they will apply to their topic of inquiry.  Students reflect on their skills and abilities and make plans for improvement throughout their courses.  This is exemplified in the major writing task in which they show their improvement by re-submitting their essay after considering information collected from new texts and in-class experiences.  Part of this reflection is also focused on the 6 Cs (Character, Community, Critical Thinking, Collaboration, Communication, and Creativity).  Students in 1D will complete a unique and immersive media assignment in which they simulate being hired by a company to fix their advertisements.  They will also have opportunities to explore their interests and passions while finding cross-curricular connections in their learning. They will expand their knowledge and unleash their creativity with Genius Hour, in which students get to choose what they research and what they create.   English classrooms have a variety of physical space arrangements, some of which contain whiteboard surfaces so that students can write ideas directly on the desk.  They often sit and work together in groups to see the value of collaboration.​ 
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