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Visual Arts Department Assessment, Evaluation and Communication Policy 107
Visual Arts Department Assessment, Evaluation and Communication Policy

For, as and of learning assessments will be used to monitor students’ progress towards achieving the overall and specific expectations, so the teacher can provide timely and specific descriptive feedback to students, scaffold next steps, and differentiate instruction and assessment in response to student needs. Summative assessment can be seen in a variety of tasks such as:  brainstorming, sketchbook ideas, image collection, critiques, article responses, journal responses, self-assessments, questioning, group work, tests, discussions, presentations. And of course art work.


Visual Arts Department Policy

  • Summative Assignments will be clearly communicated and distributed to all students via handout, or on the course moodle and/or posted in the classroom studio.
  • Teachers will assign a due date, in which students will be expected to hand in completed work. Once the due date has passed, there will be no more class time to work on the assignment. However, teachers will also assign a Final Deadline (the date is based on teacher discretion). Students may work on their assignments outside of class time in order to submit their work by  the final deadline. If students do not submit by the final deadline, late marks or a mark of zero may be applied after a discussion with the student.
  • Teachers will provide class time to complete major summative assignments. Homework may be expected in order to fulfill deadline submissions.
  • If a student is going to be away on an assigned due-date / test date /critique for a prearranged reason, it is his/her responsibility to complete the assessment on a date that is mutually agreed upon by the student and the classroom teacher.
  • If a student is going to miss a summative assessment due to any school activities he/she must inform the teacher and prearrange a time to complete the assessment.
  • In most cases, students will be able to sign out materials in order to complete homework. Materials must be returned prior to 9:05 a.m. the next day.​




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